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Purposes or Uses of a Swiss Anonym Company

Purposes or Uses of a Swiss Anonym Company

If you’re asking yourself how or why you should launch or register a Swiss anonym company, then in this article we’ll outline all of the major benefits and perks for you. You’ll be able to get a good idea what’s best for you and your investment and you’ll be able to clearly see the uses of a Swiss anonym company. […]

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Swiss Fintech Financial Sandbox – New

Swiss fintech company

Switzerland is rather a sort of enigma when it comes to fintech companies. The country is home to some of the most friendly and lenient laws when fintech and crypto businesses are concerned, and if you’re looking to launch a Swiss fintech company, then we have some good news for you. The Swiss fintech sandbox is simply a legal framework […]

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Why Start a Company in Switzerland?

Swiss company formation

As one of the world’s most business-friendly, forward-thinking and stable countries it’s no wonder that Switzerland is often at the top of every entrepreneur’s list when it comes to company formation. If you’re interested in launching or incorporating a holding, service or trading business in the most advanced business environment, then Swiss company formation is certainly for you. If you […]

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Bitcoin Models & Crypto Business in Switzerland

Crypto business in Switzerland

If you’re planning on investing or developing a Crypto business, you might be inclined to choose Switzerland as your company’s home country. Switzerland features some great business-friendly laws that work well with crypto businesses in Switzerland. On top of everything, you should know that Switzerland doesn’t feature any particular law that governs or regulates cryptocurrency or Bitcoin in Switzerland. There […]

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Open a Crowdfunding Company in Switzerland

open a crowdfunding company in Switzerland

One of the most popular and effective ways to raise capital funding for investors is crowdfunding. In Switzerland, investors are able to open crowdfunding companies to enable the public as well as other business to invest capital in startups and other businesses. A crowdfunding business works by collecting a number of smaller funds and merges them into one large fund […]

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Open a Catering Business in Switzerland

Open a catering business in Switzerland

Switzerland’s carting industry is a large part of the country’s economy and is a stable and important industry to tax revenue for Switzerland. A key piece of information for investors to know is that in 2015 alone, over 28 billion CHF in taxable income was generated in the Swiss catering industry. There are countless different businesses and business types which […]

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Opening a Swiss Corporation (Aktiengesellschaft)

opening a Swiss corporation

In Swiss law, businesses are regulated by laws in the Civil Code, or Code of Obligations, which are registered to the Commercial Register located in the canton where the business is located. As Switzerland has a business focused government and financial system, foreign investors and business owners are likely to register stock corporations in Switzerland, also called Aktiengesellschaft or Societe […]

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Swiss Directors

Swiss directors

The duties and responsibilities of Swiss directors Swiss companies are managed similarly to most other businesses around the world, by the Board of Directors. In Switzerland though, businesses have Swiss directors who are required to have a duty of care and loyalty to the company they work for. They are also required to treat all shareholders equally. The Board of […]

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