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Open a Swiss Verein

Open a Swiss verein

A Swiss verein is a type of business structure which allows for a number of different business formation types, like a GmbH, to merge together as one but each still keeps their original business structures. A verein can be described simply as an association, as that’s its English translation. A verein in Switzerland allows each business to keep its own […]

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Open a Publishing Company in Switzerland

Open a publishing company in Switzerland

Investors deciding on setting up a publishing company in Switzerland would be wise to take a look across the nations publishing industry and determine which type of publishing business would be the most successful and offer the greatest returns. Currently, there are a number of different publishing companies in Switzerland which offer services for book, magazine and other categories of […]

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Open a Hotel in Switzerland

Open a hotel in Switzerland

Investors and business developers can expect great returns on investments in the tourism and accommodation industries in Switzerland, as the country lures thousands of local and foreign tourists all across the country. Switzerland is renowned around the world for its picturesque landscapes, skiing and winter sports and the famous Alps. All business developers who plan to establish a hotel or […]

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Company Formation in Geneva

company formation in Geneva

Why start a business in Geneva? Geneva is one of Switzerland’s most populated cities and a favourite for investors and business developers. The cities high liveability and unparalleled investment and employment opportunities have also meant a number of investors and entrepreneurs have chosen to stay living in the city permanently. Currently, the top sectors for investment and business developers in […]

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