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Most Attractive Investment Industries in Switzerland

most attractive investment industries in Switzerland

A simple way to describe Switzerland’s economy is; relentlessly stable and an express economic developer. Switzerland’s endless focus on developing a nation filled with the highest quality services and one of the greatest business legislation and regulations in the world has meant that it is undoubtedly internationally recognised as a haven for business developers to set up shop. One of […]

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Set Up a Print Shop in Switzerland

Set up a print shop in Switzerland

Opening a print shop in Switzerland, much like any other business, there are a few business incorporation procedures which are to be followed. These steps are required for almost any business which is planning to undertake commercial activities. There are a number of printing fairs which frequently happen in Switzerland and this allows for companies with strong business plans to […]

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Set up a Fintech Company in Switzerland

set up a fintech company in Switzerland

A FinTech can be described as a business that develops various technology products and services in order to assist with operations for companies in the finance field. There a few things to note for potential investors in the fintech industry in Switzerland, the first being that Switzerland is one of the world leaders in the fintech industry according to the […]

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Buying a Property in Switzerland

buying a property in Switzerland

Houses in Switzerland One of the more heavily regulated areas of Switzerland’s assets and industries is the housing and real estate market. Particularly regarding foreign buyers is when laws and regulations become highly stringent. Each of Switzerland’s cantons feature a different regulation and legal framework for foreign real estate buyers. Investors who are interested in purchasing a home in Switzerland […]

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Company management in Switzerland

Company management in Switzerland

As Switzerland has created such a business focused government framework for itself, the number of businesses being developed there is endlessly growing. It’s important to know for investors that company management in Switzerland requires a lot of planning, and tasks like market analysis, administration, taxation analysis and law obedience are required to be fulfilled. Controlling all aspects of a new […]

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Open a General Partnership in Switzerland

Open a general partnership in Switzerland

When opening a general partnership in Switzerland there are two persons required to register it. There are also two options available to choose from when opening a general partnership; the Swiss general partnership or limited partnership. The main difference between the two is the amount of liability given to each founder. For more information on this feel free to contact […]

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Open a Company in Zug Crypto Valley

open a company in Zug Crypto Valley

One of the worlds top cities to invest in the cryptocurrency boom is Switzerland’s Zug. With its attractive and business-friendly taxation system and simplicity for business development makes Zug a perfect location to develop a cryptocurrency. There are currently a number of cryptocurrency business operating in Zug, which proves it is a tried and tested location for this type of […]

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Open a Company in the Aviation Sector in Switzerland

Open a company in the aviation sector in Switzerland

In Europe, the explosive growth rate of air travel has assisted immensely in the recent growth of the aviation and aerospace industries across Europe, and especially in Switzerland. A growing trend for airlines is to increase their route numbers, as well as reduce the prices for each route, meaning there is less profit from revenue. In Switzerland, the lower-than-normal tax […]

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Open a Bar in Switzerland

Open a bar in Switzerland

Opening a bar in Switzerland will require all business developers, investors or entrepreneurs to follow the Swiss rules and regulations with regards to establishing a company in Switzerland. It is also important to remember that certain types of bars and alcohol resellers will often require a special license and permits to sell alcohol. Bars who choose to play live music […]

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Employment Law in Switzerland

Switzerland employment law

All occupational and employment activities are regulated by the Swiss Employment Law which require a number of documents to be lodged as well as other contractual agreements to be signed before businesses can begin hiring or before an individual can begin work. The main first steps are to sign an employment contract. A number of contract types are currently offered […]

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