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Open an Insurance Company in Switzerland

Open an insurance company in Switzerland

Switzerland’s growing insurance market creates a great investment and business opportunity for those who are planning to undertake the development or incorporation of a Swiss insurance company. In Switzerland, insurance companies are closely regulated and monitored by a few rules and guides which are set in place by the Swiss government to ensure that the business meets requirements and is […]

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Drafting and Vetting Documents in Switzerland

drafting and vetting documents in Switzerland

Company documents in Switzerland In order for a company to be successfully incorporated in Switzerland, there is a drafting and vetting process which is required, to ensure documents and business information is prepared. An example of documents which are required to ensure successful incorporation in Switzerland includes the Articles of Association. You can speak to our consultants about the most […]

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Real Estate Due Diligence in Switzerland

real estate due diligence in Switzerland

Real estate transactions in Switzerland Due diligence is the process of analysing the prospective property in which an investor intends to purchase, to determine the state of the property as well as whether there are any other liabilities which come from purchasing the property. Additionally, a market check should be conducted to ensure the list price is at a fair […]

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Start a Bookstore in Switzerland

Start a bookstore in Switzerland

Investors who wish to establish a bookstore in Switzerland may do so by first registering the company with the Swiss Commercial Register, as the bookstore will be undertaking commercial activities. On top of this, the bookstore should also adhere to all regulations regarding its sector of business. We advise that before finally opening the bookstore that you do some research […]

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Open a Publishing Company in Switzerland

Open a publishing company in Switzerland

Investors deciding on setting up a publishing company in Switzerland would be wise to take a look across the nations publishing industry and determine which type of publishing business would be the most successful and offer the greatest returns. Currently, there are a number of different publishing companies in Switzerland which offer services for book, magazine and other categories of […]

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Company Formation in Geneva

company formation in Geneva

Why start a business in Geneva? Geneva is one of Switzerland’s most populated cities and a favourite for investors and business developers. The cities high liveability and unparalleled investment and employment opportunities have also meant a number of investors and entrepreneurs have chosen to stay living in the city permanently. Currently, the top sectors for investment and business developers in […]

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