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SwissFirma is providing legal aid support services to representatives of all the business spheres and officials. Our company is headquartered in Zurich. SwissFirma unites more than 10 specialists from different areas.
An extensive network of our own representative offices in different countries allows us to provide services to legal entities and individuals first-hand, without intermediaries, without overpayments and downtime.

As part of corporate law practice, we provide all related services, from registering a company in Switzerland to liquidation, including accounting and tax accounting, auditing, the setting up of holding companies, and tax consulting.

The average response time for customer requests is about 1-2 hours, all employees are highly experienced specialists with higher economic or legal education.

Besides, we tackle some difficult cases regarding unethical or illegal actions of hired directors, provide bookkeeping recovery services, companies' documents, and investigate frauds.
Our services
  • Company Formation
    We're specialized in the company creation through a relatively quick process, depending on the availability of the necessary documents and type of companies incorporated in Switzerland - AG, GmbH, etc.
  • Business sale
    We support company owners through the whole sale process and provide professional and discreet execution of the sale. Our team can easily create an attractive and effective company presentation, analyze the balance sheet, and make a marketing concept.
  • Company Liquidation
    Any type of company liquidation in Switzerland, for whatever reason, can be daunting for owners if they do not know what to do. Our company provides owners with complete support during the liquidation process in Switzerland in a transparent way, without the risk of any liability.
  • Business Restructuring
    If your company faces new types of issues in a period of crisis it is time for business to be seriously reviewed. We can teach you how to correctly interpret the initial signs of destruction, how to optimize vulnerable units or processes, and how to get success using new solutions.
  • The Registration of UID-number
    This number enables all Swiss firms to identify themselves for all contacts. It enables easy data exchange between the local administration and the business representatives.)
  • Services of a Local Manager and Nominee Director
    When considering the company creation, the question about the management and administration of it requires a lot of attention. The team of SwissFirma provides clients with these services.
  • Corporate Administration
  • Bookkeeping
    Our company offers accounting services for different types of companies. Our services include all levels, from bookkeeping to debt collection.
  • Trademark Registration and Selling
    Protect your business. All foreign persons and companies engaged in trading and manufacturing in Switzerland should apply for the registration of trademarks.
  • Bookkeeping Recovery
    Some of our customers usually come to us with a major panic they thought no one could sort out. Don't panic, we can help you to cover lost ground and bring everything back to life!
  • Tax Consulting
    Need professional assistance with your taxes? Our experts are committed to providing reliable, cost-effective tax services to private individuals, and companies of any size.
  • Debt Collection
    Debt collection is a complex matter, but our skilled professionals can easily initiate legal actions. It leads to a positive effect on the debtor's willingness to refund money voluntarily.
  • Patent Attorney Services
    Patent attorneys are specialists in law and technology. They can provide the owners of a Swiss company at each stage, from recognizing the invention and creating the patent application to enforcing a patent against third parties.
  • Legal Representation
    At some point, a company may need legal representation. Our specialists will be ready to provide your business with assisting in legal matters.
  • Licensing Services
    To run a business in accordance with the law the representatives of the company should get a license. There is a requirement to have an operating license in some cases, it includes broadcasting, gambling, SPI, insurance, digital money, Forex, financial services, etc.
  • Local phone numbers & domains registration
    Every company and its representatives need local phone numbers or domains for the website. We provide help with registration all-important contact info.
  • Trace Accounts Service
    The period for submitting the response depends on the complexity of the request. It includes the search area, how long ago the account was opened, the status of traced accounts, etc.
  • Opening and Managing Bank Accounts
    If you're new to Switzerland and don't know the different financial institutions and banks, their reputations, it can take your time to understand the perfect bank product for your company. We will be glad to take care of these operations.
  • Immigration, Residence Permit, Citizenship
    The legislation specifies that the companies must be represented by at least one person ordinarily resident in Switzerland, it is, therefore, necessary for at least one member of the board of directors, a manager or a nominee director to meet this requirement.

    Whether you're looking for company creation or liquidation, bookkeeping, audit, tax planning, we have experience and manpower to deliver! If you have already encountered the traditional local approach to doing business, then you can imagine why our services are popular.
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