Most Attractive Investment Industries in Switzerland

When deciding to invest in Switzerland, foreign entrepreneurs should know what their most attractive investment options are. This article talks about some of the best investment opportunities in Switzerland.
Anna Ledenyova
A simple way to describe Switzerland's economy is; relentlessly stable and an express economic developer. Switzerland's endless focus on developing a nation filled with the highest quality services and one of the greatest business legislation and regulations in the world has meant that it is undoubtedly internationally recognised as a haven for business developers to set up shop.

One of the largest sectors in Switzerland is the banking sector, with a myriad of foreign investors channelling funds into the country each year. On top of this, there are also a number of other expansive business sectors that investors should look into.

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Important investment industries in Switzerland

The country offers a number of highly developed and growing business sectors for international investors to capitalise on. The majority are in banking and investment sectors, although there are other sectors which are growing at very rapid rates and are showing no signs of slowing anytime soon. On top of these solid investment sectors, the Swiss Government also provides investors with benefits and incentives such as decreased tax rates and fees on both federal and cantonal levels.

Our consultants are able to assist in finding which benefits investors are able to benefit from.

Switzerland's leading sectors for foreign investors are as follows:

  • Finance and banking
  • Travel and tourism
  • Medical equipment
  • Security equipment
  • Information technology
  • Telecommunications
  • Pharmaceuticals
Other more advanced sectors include the development of high-tech service equipment as well as bio and nanotechnologies – all of which are experiencing unrivalled growth and present an unmissable opportunity for investors in those markets. The Swiss trade sectors are also well-developed and profitable.

Investing in Switzerland

A free trade agreement has been developed by Switzerland to put it in line with the EU and EEA, both of which Switzerland is not a member of. Switzerland has also reached out to other nations and signed a range of bilateral agreements on investment conventions. These agreements have ensured that all investors in Switzerland from foreign countries are entitled to and assured their freedom of establishment rights, with a few minor terms and conditions which are required to meet, such as property purchases and living and working permits.

Switzerland is also used as a hub for a number of multinational conglomerate companies who have established subsidiaries and branches in the country. For a number of years, Switzerland has created an essential business framework in its legislation which has allowed a number of investors and companies to grow their business operations and improve their global reach.

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