Company establishment in Zug Canton

Opening a company in Zug canton is an appealing options for most investors. Clients can read here about the benefits and registration procedures.
Natascha Wyss
Canton Zug is among the most popular locations for investors as it features the lowest taxes in all of Switzerland.

As an example, the 2011 tax rates were: 8.5% on wealth and income, 35% on withholding tax (and even lower if the country connected is a partner of the Double Taxation Agreement) and finally a VAT tax rate of just 8%, which is not payable on goods export or services.

A number of companies are able to be opened in Zug, with the most popular being companies limited by shares and joint stock companies.

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Limited share companies or GMBH (not to be confused with GmbH or limited liability companies) feature their capital split into share stock with a value of 100 CHF of more and have member liability tied to their capital deposits. A GMBH's representation can only be made by a Swiss resident. It also requires a minimum share capital of 20,000 CHF which is to be paid at registration.
A limited share company is governed by shareholder meetings, Swiss Management bodies and auditors.

The GMBH, limited share company, is the most popular business type in Zug and is so because of it's lower capital requirements to begin operating and to be registered. It is also able to be transformed into a joint stock company, which requires a 100,000 CHF share capital deposit in Zug, which can be paid in two transactions; once during registration and another after starting the business.

These company types are managed by general shareholder meetings, a board of directors and auditors.

The following documents are required to be lodged at a notary in order for registration; articles of association, bank confirmation regarding minimum share capital and the following documents, if they are available; a mandate statement of acceptance by an auditor and in the event a business doesn't have it's own office, a domicile acceptance statement.

Every business is required to register with the Commercial Register, that being said, all the documents above are required to be notarised and be provided with a standard application and proof of business name and deposited funds at the Commercial Registry.

During the entire documentation delivery process, the deposited capital will remain blocked by the bank until it is notified by the Commercial Register that the new company it is registered.

This entire process takes roughly five to twenty-one days and depends on the company's size and documentation correctness.

In the event annual turnover is predicted to exceed more than 80,000 € then a VAT is required.

The foreign companies may choose to open branches in Zug, more advantageous than opening local companies, due to the fact that there is no need to deposit a minimum share capital at registration and the responsibility for its actions is taken by the foreign parent company.

Documentation to establish a branch is Zug is complex. Require documents include; evidence of existence abroad, a certificate of registration, articles of incorporation, employee and manager responsibilities, branch registration motives, branch names and address and the representative managing the branch and their authority.