Company Formation in Geneva

company formation in Geneva — your guideline for business starting in Switzerland
Dmytro Pichugin

Why start a business in Geneva?

Geneva is one of Switzerland's most populated cities and a favourite for investors and business developers. The cities high liveability and unparalleled investment and employment opportunities have also meant a number of investors and entrepreneurs have chosen to stay living in the city permanently.

Currently, the top sectors for investment and business developers in Geneva are the banking and services sectors. Geneva is now also recognised as the 9th most vital financial hub in the world.

For assistance in setting up a Geneva-based company or investing in Geneva, feel free to speak to one of our consultants.

What types of companies can one set up in Geneva?

A number of business forms are able to be established in Geneva, aside from the limited liability company. The following list outlines the business types available:

  • Sole proprietorships, perfect for small business owners or start-ups
  • Partnership businesses
  • Joint stock corporations
It is important to remember that there are a few requirements which are connected specifically to each business type and it is essential to know them. We have Swiss consultants available to help you with these requirements.

Steps for company registration in Geneva

To successfully establish a company in Geneva you must first ensure the business's name is available and able to be registered. Following this, opening a Swiss bank account is also essential, as is depositing the minimum share capital.

There are two share capital requirements depending on the business type:

  • A deposit of 20,000 CHF for limited liability companies
  • A deposit of 100,000 CHF for stock corporations
After the above deposits are made, the business can then begin the incorporation process, which requires documents of incorporation to drafted by a notary, notarised and then lodged at the Commercial Registry in Geneva. There may also be licenses required to be obtained before operations begin.

Taxation of companies in Geneva

One of the final steps to incorporate a company within Geneva is applying and registered for taxation purposes. All companies in Switzerland are charged federal, cantonal and municipal taxes.

We have local consultants available to assist with which tax your business falls under and other accounting information, specifically for Geneva.