Cost of Setting up a Swiss Crypto Bitcoin Exchange, Vault and Wallet Company

Since early 2017, Switzerland has become one of the worlds favourite launch sites for crypto companies and bitcoin exchanges.
Anna Schmidt
Since early 2017, Switzerland has become one of the worlds favourite launch sites for crypto companies and bitcoin exchanges. The uptake in interest has been so great that FINMA decided to give leniency to companies and allow them to operate as an exchange, vault or wallet under the form of an SRO or an Intermediary Company. So, if the amazing business market for Swiss crypto business has caught your eye, then look no further than the crypto valley.

If you want to start a crypto or bitcoin exchange in Switzerland, then this article will give you some vital information.

Cost to Purchase Ready-made Companies

The offers below are outlines of the pricing you can expect to pay for a Swiss crypto business which is most likely operating within the crypto valley. The pricing below might fluctuate over time as demand rises and falls for Swiss crypto businesses, though they are a good outline.

Shelf Ready-Made Financial Company

These companies are typically selling from 350,000 francs to 450,000 francs and are typically located in the crypto valley. Remember that on top of these prices there are also operational fees, other managerial and other launch costs. You may be able to save money launching from scratch too, as finding a more effective development process is possible. Though this will take more time.

It's important to remember that Switzerland is by far the global leader in the Crypto ICO space, with laws specifically designed to assist crypto businesses. On top of this, 4 out of the 5 largest global ICOs have come out of Switzerland.

The Services a Swiss Crypto Business Can Offer

The main services a Swiss crypto business can provide are exchange services, as well as vault and wallet services.

The following services are also within the scope of the Swiss crypto business:

  • Carrying out transactions relating to consumer loans, mortgages as well as factoring and commercial financing
  • Providing services revolving around payment transactions, which also includes carrying out money transfers on behalf of other partiers. This can also include the management and movement of funds in credit cards and traveller's cheques.
  • Assist clients in trading the virtual funds for banknotes, coins, commodities, securities, stock and other monetary assets.
  • Manage assets on behalf of other parties.
  • Make investments on behalf of other parties, which also includes acting as investment advisors for clients.
  • The holding of securities on deposits, or manage securities for clients.

Launching a Swiss Crypto Business

There is one major difference between launching an ordinary financial intermediary when compared to launching and registering a cryptocurrency business in Switzerland. These differences have to do with the location and physical operations of the Swiss crypto business, regardless of whether it is in the crypto valley or not.

The main differences being:

    • A real office in Switzerland is required, with at least one room
    • One or more employees are required to work in Switzerland either full or part-time.
If you're looking to launch a Swiss crypto business in any Swiss canton, including the crypto valley, then feel free to reach out to us. Our team is able to guide you in understanding all that is required of you during the development and launch phases.