Cyber Crime, a Big Threat to Everyone

We all use the internet these days and know how the system works. One term related directly to the web is getting popular day by day and that is cyber
Anna Schmidt
We all use the internet these days and know how the system works. One term related directly to the

web is getting popular day by day and that is cyber crime. Now do we really have any proper ideas about what cyber crime is? How can someone commit cyber crime? How can cyber crime affect us?

And most importantly how can we protect ourselves from these kinds of crimes?

The web these days are full of threats that are most of the times hidden and can cause us serious troubles. The trouble or the problems can be targeted to any individual, a group or company or in cases to a nation also. There are various types of cyber crimes categorized as minor and major. Stealing of intellectual property of someone which is very common these days, can be considered as a cyber crime. In the digital world creating and sending virus is a major cyber crime. Planning active attacks or ganging up on a individual to torture online is also goes under the category of cyber bulling which is a horrendous yet most anticipated cyber crime. Planning on harassing a person and industry's reputation through blogs and social Medias also considered as a cyber crime.

Cyber intelligence experts, better known as hackers work mainly on stealing information from any individual's computer or from the pc of a group or organization.

The process of these kinds of violence is called cyber terrorism. The terrorist for their own benefit can hack any government information and put thousand of innocent lives to danger. They can easily blackmail and control any organization they want as long as they have the relevant information in their hands. But on the other side of it some people mostly highly intelligent ones sitting on the internet do these types of dangerous work just for the thrill of getting caught. But it must be remembered that once you are caught you will face serious charges against you and considering the value of your crime you can be serving jail time for years.

In the recent times another type of cyber crime has been occurring that is the employees and the ex- employees are leaking their companies' secrets online anonymously. These are a major cyber attacks and shows the really bad side of cyber crime. This often leads to unemployment and the innocent ones end up getting fired.

There are private investigator online all over the world trying to stop the crime by identifying that, which has done it and how to stop it.

They will be appearing just like everyone else online and will interact with you normally but at the same time will manage document everything you share. If they find you a potential threat to anyone they will go after you being undercover. They will expose you with proof and you will be in courtroom in no time. It will not matter if you have committed a crime or not all that matters is that you are about to do something horrible which will be proven by the special investigator.

This service is really helpful in stopping the crime that is about to take place. So if you are planning on committing any kind of crime it is highly advisable that you stay away. If you know someone who is doing cyber crime or bullying try to stop him/her because they may end up in legal problems.