Legal Guidance for Bail Bonds The common man might not fear the lord but he sure fears the law

The worst of legal fears for a common man is to end up behind bars. Imagine one fine day yourself or your loved one getting a knock on the door with the
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The worst of legal fears for a common man is to end up behind bars. Imagine one fine day yourself or your loved one getting a knock on the door with the uniformed man with a baton standing at your door and asking you to go with him. Just the idea of it might give you goose bumps. Trouble doesn't come with a notice beforehand and ignorance of law is no excuse too. So, increasing awareness is the only solution to be able to deal with situations.

I will talk about court bail bonds in this article with examples of different people.

Case 1: The door bell rang; it was the police. They produced a warrant and said they needed my husband to accompany them. Needless to say I was shocked and scared. They took him. None of our family friends were available at that point of night that I could call for help. I did not know what to do.
I gathered myself up after some time and thought of taking legal help. I made few calls to the local legal firms and asked what I could do. They told me about bail. Happy to learn about a way to get my husband out of the jail I was left disappointed when I came to know that his bank accounts were frozen.

Case 2: I resumed work after a gap of six months; my maternity leave. Had a bad day at office and returned home hopefully thinking we will go out to dine. I found my home unlocked. I assumed my fiancé was home and must be up to something in the garage. I entered the home only to find that our baby was with his parents and he was taken away by the police. I didn't know where to arrange money from for the bail to get him free.

Bail Bonds

On inquiring with the police they told me that my husband's business partner turned out to be a defaulter and way back he had got my husband to sign this contract where he was the nominee for clearing the debts.

Both these scenarios are just examples of what might happen to someone and how miserable they and the person behind bars would be to be penniless for getting a rightful bail. For situations like these the bail bond agent or bail bondsmen come into picture.

What is Bail for?

The bail is basically a guarantee to the court that the accused or defendant will turn up for the trial when the court sets the date for the same. The court needs a guarantor along with the bail amount to cover for losses incurred in event of the defendant's absence

Bail Bond Agents can Help you 24*7

Bail bond agents are professionals who recognize the fact that you might be unprepared for facing the above mentioned situations. They help you by lending the bail amount and charge a percentage of the total amount. The percentage of fees is decided by the state government and it is usually between 10%-20%.

The bail amount is not fixed. It varies depending on the seriousness of crime or allegations, urgency of the matter, and nature of the issue. For example, the bail amount for crime accusations may be fixed but for business deals (as mentioned in Case 2) the amount may largely vary.

Bail Against Amount

The biggest advantage for hiring them is that you don't have to bother telling any of your personal relationships about the inquisitive 5 Ws and 1 H (who, why, when, what, where, how) about your loved one's arrest. These trained lawyers do a background check to know your risk status to gauge if you can repay them. They will consider you a good risk if you have a steady source of income. They scrutinize your economic; credit background to be more precise, employment record and criminal history (if any). If all these records are cleared you get the bail amount instantly and can set your friend free.
Now you know what to do when you have such an untoward situation at hand. Call the expert bail bond agent near you and you can prepare yourself for the background check procedure by getting the documents ready.

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