Open a Catering Business in Switzerland

How to open a catering business in Switzerland
Alexander Scmidt, off-counsel
Switzerland's carting industry is a large part of the country's economy and is a stable and important industry to tax revenue for Switzerland. A key piece of information for investors to know is that in 2015 alone, over 28 billion CHF in taxable income was generated in the Swiss catering industry. There are countless different businesses and business types which are part of the catering industry in Switzerland and these can be fast-food, restaurants and food delivery services. In the last nationwide census by the Swiss government on the tourism industry, it was shown that in 2013 there were over 28,000 catering businesses in the form of hotels and restaurants. It is also a good point to know that there are permits and licenses required for catering businesses in Switzerland.

Register a catering company in Switzerland

Registering a Swiss catering company follows the same steps as registering any other type of company and also requires similar, or the same, documentation.

These steps include registering the business in Switzerland with the Commercial Registry and opening a corporate Swiss bank account to deposit capital if required.

In some cases depending on the chosen business structure by the investors, there will be capital deposit requirements. This could mean that there is a minimum amount of required funds that must be deposited into a Swiss bank account before business operations can begin.

In the earlier stages of incorporation, a Swiss public notary(full list of en speaking Swiss public Notary) will be required to sit in a business meeting with company founders or investors and draft up statutory documents. These documents will state which business formation the company is to operate as, which, for catering companies, is normally a limited liability company. Following this, investors will then be required to draft articles of association and a memorandum, which will be required to register the company. Learn about switzerland business insights

We have more information available on our website in regards to this, and also have expert consultancy teams available to assist with procedural tasks and determining which fees are to be paid, and when.

What licenses are needed to start a catering business in Switzerland?

Businesses in Switzerland which are planning to operate as a catering provider are required to apply for permits and licenses regarding their business activities.

If a catering company in Switzerland is planning on the sale or distribution of alcohol, it is outlined by company registration procedures that the business must first apply for permits and licenses which are to be approved by the Swiss Alcohol Board, and are required to follow governances from the Ordinance of Alcohol.

There are also more regulations which are required to be adhered to by both employees and the companies behaviour and operations. These include safety and hygiene procedures as well as employee duties to the company and following internal regulations.

Investors who plan to develop companies within the catering industry in Switzerland are invited to speak with our consultancy teams and agents in regards to their requirements within Switzerland when; operating catering companies, selling alcohol and the registration process.