Open a Company in the Aviation Sector in Switzerland

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Open a Company in the Aviation Sector in Switzerland

In Europe, the explosive growth rate of air travel has assisted immensely in the recent growth of the aviation and aerospace industries across Europe, and especially in Switzerland. A growing trend for airlines is to increase their route numbers, as well as reduce the prices for each route, meaning there is less profit from revenue. In Switzerland, the lower-than-normal tax rates allow for aviation companies to benefit from higher savings and increase their profits while also benefiting from a relentlessly stable market with the Swiss government's backing of commercial airlines and their clients.

A positive and important note to make is that from 2015 to 2016 there has been a 60% decrease in aviation incidents involving Swiss aircraft. This has also meant that 2016 has been the safest year for air travel in European history. For more information on opening a Swiss aviation company or start Crypto company in Zug or other detailed information on permits and licenses, contact our agents.

Legislation for Swiss aviation

In Switzerland, any company operating within the aviation industry is regulated by Switzerland's Federal Office of Civil Aviation (FOCA). The FOCA is in control of ensuring that regulations are being followed correctly by aviation businesses. The regulatory body is also in charge of writing up new regulations and amending older ones.

If investors plan on creating and registering a company in Switzerland within the aviation sector, they must first follow all regulations set out by Switzerland's Civil Aviation Law. This law is built upon a serious of regulations and laws developed by the and also features clauses which have been derived from international treaties. The regulations also deal with the taxation of aviation activities.

Commercial businesses in Switzerland within the aviation sector are required to adhere to the rules and regulates set out by the following:

Switzerland's aviation regulations are extensive and are comprised of roughly 180 treaties. For assistance in understanding all of these, we have consultants available for you to contact and speak with.

Obtaining aviation licenses in Switzerland

Forming a company in Switzerland within the aviation industry requires specific sets of permits and licenses to be granted. Investors are also required to speak with the FOCA and file applications at least 30 days before any commercial activities are set to begin. Within this application should be business plans, aircrafts to be used as well as financial statements and other documents.

There are also rules governing employees of aviation businesses in Switzerland. These regulations require skilled employees to be hired for occupations such as piloting and flight attendants and other crew members. Every pilot under all circumstances is required to hold a license issued by the FOCA.

Investors are invited to speak with our consultants about aviation businesses in Switzerland and go over the registration and formation processes as well as other information.