Open a General Partnership in Switzerland

Our team of company registration consultants can offer advice on how to open a general partnership in Switzerland.
Anna Ledenyova

Houses in Switzerland

When opening a general partnership in Switzerland there are two persons required to register it. There are also two options available to choose from when opening a general partnership; the Swiss general partnership or limited partnership. The main difference between the two is the amount of liability given to each founder. For more information on this feel free to contact one of our agents.

Characteristics of a Swiss general partnership

A basic overview of the general partnership will show that legal entity itself, the company, has no liability and all liability rests on the founders themselves. This means that general partnership in Switzerland is a good option for investors who wish to open a small business as it isn't given its own legal personality.

Investors or business developers who are planning on, or have developed a company in Switzerland9 for example - Aviation Sector) will be required to finalise the business or general partnership with documentation on its business name, activities and also register it to the Swiss Commercial Register. This must be done in the form of a signed and notarised contract to ensure validity.

Finalising the business's registration will need the founders of the business to sign a registration request, which is one of the final steps to confirming that the business is a general partnership and verifies that the two company founders are now partners. We have experts who are able to assist with opening a limited partnership or general partnership in Switzerland available for you to consult with.

Compulsory requirements for a general partnership in Switzerland

As stated above, to register a company in Switzerland there must be a chosen business name and proposed business activities stated by the company's founders on documents lodged to the Swiss Commercial Register.

Additionally, legislation exists that does not require articles of association to be drafted up and lodged for partnerships in Switzerland. This step is not compulsory for this business form.

For more information on the formation of Swiss partnerships, you can speak to one of our consultants in Switzerland.