Open an IT Company in Switzerland

Open an IT Company in Switzerland
Anna Ledenyova

The information technology and communication industry in Switzerland

As the world's Information Technology and Communications industry has skyrocketed to being the worlds largest, the Swiss government has stepped in to enable a number of different business programs to assist with growth. Almost all IT firms are heavily utilised by a number of businesses, especially in the banking sector, and this has specifically driven the Swiss government to endorse and develop IT companies. Currently, Switzerland is one of the world leaders in R&D centres of which heavily rely on sold IT firms for security and efficient business operations.

If you're enticed by the massive growth in the European and worldwide IT sector and are planning to establish a business in Switzerland, content our specialised teams for the best ways to enter the Swiss market, and take advantage of government grants.

Starting an IT company in Switzerland

Developing an Internet Tech firm in Switzerland is more simple in comparison to other businesses, especially with regards to required documents and information. We have experts who are able to assist investors and business developers to find the best business structures for their needs. We are even able to lodge forms to the Swiss Companies Register and deal with incorporation requirements, like your VAT and taxation registry.
Investors and entrepreneurs should also be aware that in Switzerland, developing at IT company also requires some specific licenses which are only issued by the country's Federal Office of Communications, depending on the services the Swiss IT company intends to offer.

Types of licenses for IT companies in Switzerland

The Swiss Telecommunications Act requires any Swiss IT company's to acquire a radio communication permit before operating in any sense. This permit is split into a few categories:

  • Radiocommunications permit for amateur radio
  • A land mobile license for mobile services
  • A broadcasting permit
  • A microwave and satellite communication permit
Internet Communication companies are also required to unequivocally comply with all Internet legislation in Switzerland. Subjects such as domain names, neutrality, VoIP and criminal liability are covered under internet legislation.

If you require additional information or assistance in establishing an IT company in Switzerland, talk with one of our consultants today.

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