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Our team of company formation representatives in Switzerland can offer in-depth information related to the regulations applicable when opening a Swiss verein.
Anna Schmidt
A Swiss verein is a type of business structure which allows for a number of different business formation types, like a GmbH, to merge together as one but each still keeps their original business structures. A verein can be described simply as an association, as that's its English translation. A verein in Switzerland allows each business to keep its own individual profits. There is number of benefits to setting up a Swiss verein and we have agents who able to assist in the development of these businesses. The verein does require a fairly complex set up process so we recommend speaking with a consultant about the legal structure and establishment process.

Legal statute for Swiss vereins

сA Swiss verein is regulated by Swiss Civil Code, and this code requires a verein to be registered to the Commercial Register in Switzerland if the vereins business operations involve commercial activities. In particular, the legal structure of the verein must be registered on the Commercial Register before any commercial activities take place.

Originally the Swiss verein was developed to allow businesses who required non-profit operations to take place in order to maintain the business. This meant that in the past, vereins were only for non-profits and were not able to be used by profitable businesses. This original regulation still exists, so it is possible for investors to establish a verein for a non-profit business or non-government agencies.

A verein allows for the partnerships of other businesses to exist, this allows for the merger of multiple structures into one, do not confuse with the opening of a crowdfunding platform in Switzerland. An additional good point to note that a verein allows for the merger of multiple businesses without requiring new registrations for tax and other aspects as each business is already operating and has already been registered for tax and on the Commercial Registry in the companies home country. For assistance with understanding this further, contact our consultants who will be able to elaborate on taxation and merging requirements. Check overall info about starting a business in Swiss.

Advantages of Swiss vereins

There are a number of advantages presented to investors when choosing to form a Swiss verein. The largest advantage involves the procedure of merging businesses, which normally require a number of legal procedures to take place before, during and after the merger. A verein allows businesses to bypass these legal producers as each business is not entirely merged and they are still held accountable for their own business activities in their home countries, which also includes taxation requirements and following legal procedures.

A verein is only similar to a merger to a certain extent, it is not entirely the same, as the companies associated in the verein are not entirely operating as one, and are still following their own regulations and taxation requirements depending on their home locations.

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