Opening a Consulting Business in Switzerland

 A Swiss consulting company can have clients from a wide range of business fields. Find our more from our experts if you want to open such a company
Natascha Wyss

Business consulting in Switzerland

Consulting businesses can be aimed at a few different corporate areas in Switzerland. A consultancy business must provide services from professionals to other businesses in a way that is competitive and follows current market pricing trends.

A business consulting is normally opened by a professional who already has experience within one or more fields, such as finance, strategy or insurance. A consultancy business should be able to rest on the skills and professionalism of its employees to begin the development of a large and loyal client base.
Consulting companies within Switzerland should be able to offer support in the following areas:

  • Banking and finance
  • Management and administration
  • Technology and internet communications
  • Human Resources
  • Logistics and strategy planning
  • Insurance
The services offered by each company will vary, as expected, though the service quality and solutions offered should be the deciding factor and will eventually determine the success or failure of the company. We have a dedicated team of consultants who are able to assist in developing a Swiss consulting company.

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Open a Swiss company

A number of business frameworks are offered in Switzerland, but the one chosen by an entrepreneur will rest on whether future expansion plans exist or note, as well as plans to become listed on the stock exchange.

It is possible for consulting businesses to begin as a small company and end up merging with other companies in their field or even become an extension of an existing Swiss company, similar to a branch or subsidiary.

Every Swiss company is required to follow taxation laws, which will vary depending on the company type and location. There are also special licenses and permits required depending on the services offered by each agency. For more information on these laws and permits feel free to contact one of our business registration consultants.