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Set Up a Print Shop in Switzerland

Our team of company formation representatives can assist investors in opening a print shop in Switzerland.
Anna Ledenyova
Opening a print shop in Switzerland, much like any other business, there are a few business incorporation procedures which are to be followed. These steps are required for almost any business which is planning to undertake commercial activities.

There are a number of printing fairs which frequently happen in Switzerland and this allows for companies with strong business plans to heavily capitalise on these fairs and build their client bases and grow their profitability and popularity among their niche or target markets.

There are also a few required registration procedures which these company types are required to undertakes they operate commercially. We have agents who are able to assist with this.

Necessary equipment for a Swiss print shop

Once the legal entity is registered following the standard procedure for company incorporation in Switzerland, the businessmen have to find the minimum suitable equipment that is necessary for this business activity. Our team of company formation agents in Switzerland may provide assistance and can help businessmen in renting a location for a print shop.

Following registration, there are a few pieces of equipment which we suggest the company acquires prior to operation. Although ultimately it will rest on the business plan and the founder's plans. Recommendations include obtaining multiple equipment pieces to ensure that in the event one of them becomes damaged or is unable to work, the operation of the company can still continue.

Companies who plan to operate with a number of clients and decide to accept large orders, it would also be recommended for the business to invest in the purchase of an offset press, which is a popular piece of equipment for companies to use in this sector. Laser printers and other printing supplies should also be factored in as ongoing expenses like ink and printer cartridges.

Switzerland makes it a requirement for investors to ensure they own and operate the correct equipment as well as the correct number of machines to ensure optimum operation and the ability to fulfil a business plan and to keep up with growth. Other requirements are also to do with custom jobs required by clients, like imaging of propriety printing sizes.

Choosing a location for a printing shop in Switzerland

When establishing a printing company or print shop it is essential to research the best locations for the business to be profitable. This will include selecting the correct office or warehouse space. Following selection of a space, there is also the contractual element which includes signing leases and other due diligence steps to ensure there are no issues with the space which cause insure losses to the new business.

For more information, you are welcome to contact our consultants in Switzerland with regards to any business development enquires relating to any types of business, as well print shops.

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