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Start a Bookstore in Switzerland

Start a bookstore in Switzerland — your guideline for business starting in Switzerland
Dmytro Pichugin
Investors who wish to establish a bookstore in Switzerland may do so by first registering the company with the Swiss Commercial Register, as the bookstore will be undertaking commercial activities. On top of this, the bookstore should also adhere to all regulations regarding its sector of business.

We advise that before finally opening the bookstore that you do some research on best practices to ensure success and high sales numbers. This can including searching for a prime location as well as a location in Switzerland which features low corporates taxes.

You are free to contact one of our business consultants for more information in this area of business in Switzerland.

Establish a budget for the Swiss bookstore business

If you intend to register your business in Switzerland, we first recommend that you undertake a few budgetary measures to ensure that you are able to affordably launch the business. Following this, entrepreneurs should also wisely decide on which Swiss business form will be used for the bookstore.

On top of the required minimum share capital, which will depend on the business form, there are also added fees which are required for registration.

After registration is complete and confirmed, there will be the ongoing maintenance costs for the business itself, so there is also an incentive to well-plan a budget beforehand to account for slower months or the initial launch of the company.

There are also real estate costs, like rent and other fees for the physical store itself along with the stock, employee wages and utility bills. Our consultants are available to go over all of this with you to ensure your budget is correct and will lead to successful and stable business launch and ongoing survival of the business.

Establish a corporate identity for the Swiss bookstore

The stock within a bookstore can extend from more than just books alone. Many bookstores feature merchandise as well as other small trinkets and gift ideas. Products like cups, shirts, phone cases and more are some other products that bookstores may feature other than books.

In Switzerland, it has become a common practice for bookstores to attempt to lure customers in through other means, as the digital age has eaten away at physical book sales. Ways in which bookstores have done this is with cafes and tutoring classes among other things. This then presents a requirement for the bookstore to acquire permits to allow this, such as selling food and beverages.

On top of permits, sales of other products as well as utilities and budgeting, one of the most vital steps in the development of a bookstore is the location. This is essential to ensuring that sales and foot traffic remain high enough to sustain the business. Most prime locations for bookstores include malls stores, public transport hubs and inner city locations as these ensure large customer numbers.

We have more information on these topics on our website. Our agents are also able to help you with other questions you may have as well as assess locations which are the best for bookstores along with taxation and incorporation requirements.