Start a Taxi Company in Switzerland 2022

Our team of company formation representatives can offer advice on how to start a taxi company in Switzerland.
Anna Schmidt
A hotspot for tourism makes Switzerland's demand for taxi services a foothold for a sustainable taxi business. For this type of business, there are a few requirements, not only for the business founders but each individual employee as well. These requirements include drivers to obtain drivers licenses along with vehicle licenses and approvals to ensure they are road worthy. Each Swiss canton also has its own rules and regulations, so it would be wise to check up on these before choosing an establishment location.

We have a team of consultants who are able to assist with the formation of a taxi company in Switzerland, which extends to taxation requirements and other information.

A Swiss taxi company — how to register in 2022?

As a taxi company operates commercially, in Switzerland it is considered a commercial entity from a legal standpoint, so this means it must register and be incorporated just like any other Swiss commercial business. The first step to incorporate a company in Switzerland rests on investors determine which type of Swiss business form is the most beneficial for the company.

With there are a few business forms, it is also good to note that there are no restrictions on the nationality of the founders of the business. But, in some circumstances, there is a required Swiss national position to be filled on the board of directors, or in other places within the company.

Taxi companies are also required to register with the Swiss Commercial Register as they are a commercial type of business. In addition to this, the lodgement at the register will require statutory documents to be written up and signed with a Swiss public notary to ensure their validity.

Following this, there will also be a required deposit amount to be deposited into a Swiss bank, which is also a requirement for registering a Swiss company – opening a Swiss bank account. A VAT application will also need to be filled out and lodged for taxation purposes.

Finally, the company must also register their employees for social security which will be done at the Social Insurance System.

We have agents who will be able to assist in the development of a taxi company in Switzerland, along with assisting in following all other regulations and requirements.

Driving licenses in Switzerland

To register a tax company in Switzerland, there are also additional requirements which involve permits and licenses. These require the business to have its employees be holders of drivers licenses. For those employees who hold foreign drivers licenses, it is possible to request an exchange for their license for a new Swiss drivers license to ensure they are able to operate on Swiss roads and not cause legal issues for the taxi company.

If an employee holds a drivers permit from a certain country, in some circumstances they may not be required to sit a new drivers test or theory exams. The license requirements and regulations extend to the following:

  • lorries;
  • large vehicles;
  • taxis.
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