Understanding Employment Laws of the State for Protection at Workplace

Understanding Employment Laws of the State for Protection at Workplace
Anna Schmidt
People working in offices are bound by various kinds of employment laws. These laws are mainly designed and implemented for safeguarding the interest of the employees. It has been seen that in many cases employers harass their employees in different ways and employees have basically nothing to do as they have the fear of losing their job. But, when things go out of control, it is better to seek assistance from law so that they remain protected and their job is secured at the same time. It is not always possible for a common man to know and understand the employment laws that are valid in the state.

Here are some things that are mentioned in the employment law in the state of California

Protection against discrimination on the basis of age, race and gender

In California, all employees are protected against discriminations in workplace based on age, race and gender. In case any employer is found to make such differences among employees on these grounds, a lawsuit can be filed against the person. People who are victims of such discriminations can take help of attorneys who are experts in employment laws in the area.

Protection against breach of employment agreements

It is quite natural that when an employee is hired, an employment agreement is prepared. Both the employer and employee have to sign an agreement before joining the organization. However, sometimes employers try various means to chuck off employees by breaching the employment agreement. If an employee feels that he is being a victim of employment agreement breaching, then he can hire a lawyer and file a case against the employer.

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Security against sexual harassment

This is quite a common thing, which is seen in many offices nowadays. Employees, particularly female employees, get harassed by their male bosses or colleagues in the office. Men have also been harassed in many cases by their female superiors. There are strict employment laws against sexual harassment in office and workplaces. If anyone is found guilty of such charges, he is due for some serious punishment along with heavy penalty.

Strict laws for employees' wages and working hours

Many employers create great problems for their employees regarding wages and working hours. There are strict employment laws for the same, stating clearly valid working hours in the state. In case an employee works more than the scheduled work time, he is bound to receive over time for the job. Many employers also create problems with wages by not making payments on time or making lesser payments and so on. Employees can protest against these by hiring the services of a lawyer, who is an expert in employment law.

Protection against disability and pregnancy discrimination

Did you employer terminate your services once he came to know that you are pregnant or want maternity leave? In such situations, you can contact a lawyer and file a case against the employer for pregnancy discrimination. If the employer makes discriminations for your disability, that can be dealt with as well in a legal manner.