Workforce in Switzerland

workforce in Switzerland
Anna Ledenyova

The working population in Switzerland

The Swiss workforce can generally be viewed as a highly skilled one, with a solid background in finance and other white collar jobs. Switzerland is normally at the top of the ladder with regards to its workforce's annual incomes, normally exceeding $80,000US. The Swiss quality of life is also a leading contributor to a number of investors moving to the country for business reasons.

Getting into more details of the Swiss workforce reveals that the majority of Swiss workers are highly educated, experienced and efficient. The nation is also able to boast and almost-perfect literacy score, with 99%. One of the leading industries in Switzerland for the workforce is the service industry followed by industry. On top of this, Switzerland also has one of the lowest unemployment rates in the world and the small percentage of unemployed Swiss citizens is continuing to shrink.

Foreign workers in Switzerland

The majority of foreign workers in Switzerland are from nations in Europe, such as Italy, Germany and France, though a large number of other workers come from places like Asia as well as Africa, with the lowest foreign worker count coming from, surprisingly, the Americas.

Important information to remember is that there are regulations and laws in place for businesses who are employing, or intending to employ, workers from foreign countries. To make these regulations simpler to follow. A majority of expatriates will have already received most of their permits to live in Switzerland and, in turn, will also have their working permits and other requirements.

On top of this, there are different laws and regulations in place depending on where the resident or worker has emigrated from, so non-EU citizens have different requirements than those from the EU.

We can assist you with this if you contact one of our business consultants. Our agents can go through the steps and requirements for migrant workers in Switzerland.

Hiring employees in Switzerland

Employers along with other businesses who hire employees, like recruitment agencies, are required to not only follow the foreign employment laws, but also the general Swiss labour laws. This means that contract agreements and other agreements must be followed, as well as salary laws, minimum wages and holidays. We have more information on these labour laws on our website for you to take a look at.

One of Switzerland's most attractive business assets is by far the highly skilled and efficient workforce. This ensures that all investors are supplied with the most valuable opportunities when developing their businesses, an abundance of workers who are capable of completing even the most complex tasks for the new company.

If you require more assistance in understanding Swiss labour laws, regulations or would like to know more about Switzerland's workforce analytics, don't hesitate to reach out to one of our business consultants.

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