Company Formation in Switzerland – a great way to Start Profitable Business

Start your own business, opening Swiss company in Zurich or in any other canton with help of professional local experts. The Swiss legislative standing
Katy Thomsom
Start your own business, opening Swiss company in Zurich or in any other canton with help of professional local experts.

The Swiss legislative standing order, financial, economic and taxation system, has long been an example for the whole world, due to which the service of companies registration in Switzerland is very common among those who are not residents. The procedure of company formation Switzerland does not requires much time, but it involves some legal difficulties. The company's specialists offer professional services during firm registering and for conducting other related actions.

The aims to form a company in Switzerland are determined by the creator, the choice of organizational and legal property should be made with the help of specialists in this field. A number of requirements that are made during both the registration of the company and its further activities depends on the choice of form of ownership.

Forms of organizational and legal property in Switzerland

Limited Liability Company
To create a company in Switzerland the management structure has to consist of a few people, but one of the partners must be a resident of the country. The authorized capital of the enterprise can not be less than 20 thousand in local currency. At the process of company registration, the transfer of capital must be made before the moment of submitting of the constituent documents. The company must submit yearly reports, completed according to all rules of the country's jurisdiction.

Joint-stock Company
All directors, shareholders and members of the management team are appointed by the company's founder. The one of Swiss resident should be employed on the post of director. Registration of a company in this form requires the introduction of authorized capital from 100 thousand to half a million of Swiss francs. This amount is paid immediately after the registration of the business. Authorized bodies must receive a report of accounting every year, as well as company's profit and commodity turnover reports.

Foreign Partnership Branch
The registration of a business in this form is reasonable for the expansion of a business that is already exists. The founder is the main office of the enterprise, there are no requirements for the authorized capital. The main condition: one of the directorate must have a permanent place of residence in the country. Regular reporting is obligatorily, but this is only for branches that carry out certain activities.

Necessary measures for the company( same with anonym company starting) to start functioning:

  • choose and agree the name;
  • determine the location of company;
  • develop the regulations and constitutive contract;
  • open a bank account;
  • transfer the authorized capital to this account and obtain a certificate from the bank;
  • register an enterprise with a record in the state register;
  • open a standing account.
The cost of company registration is about 10 thousand Swiss francs. If the manager is not confident in his own abilities, it is better to use the services of specialists in the migration sphere, which will minimize the participation of the customer in the registration procedure, save nerves, time and money.

Advantages of opening a business in Switzerland

Tax competition between the cantons causes a constant increase in the number of companies whose founders are non-residents of the country. The decision to open a company in Switzerland is accompanied by pleasant bonuses:

  • opportunity to open a bank account in this country;
  • to provide your business with an increase in income due to an effective corporate taxation rate;
  • a chance to get an exclusive access to the international market, essentially reducing the cost of customs duties and so on;
  • the highest stability of the local currency, which is rather stable, despite the vicissitudes of the global financial market.