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Company Formation Switzerland

Company Formation Switzerland

Company formation Switzerland with the Swiss Trade Register in the low tax cantons. Full company registration services for good prices!
If an investor decides to establish a Swiss limited liability company or a stock corporation, they must consider a few things. Firstly, a unique business name is essential for the company formation Switzerland, and a bank account must also be opened for future transactions and with the minimum capital required. The business must also present articles of association to a public notary. The notary will authenticate the articles and a public deed of incorporation. If the new company is to be registered in Switzerland and the owner or CEO is a foreign investor, it is required that a Stamp Declaration Form and a negative declaration form be filled in, as well as a Lex Friedrich Declaration Form which allows foreigners to acquire Swiss real-estate.

What is the Swiss Trade Register?

Essentially, The Swiss Trade Register is a Commercial Registry with the details of each company's registered address. The Commercial Register of Switzerland is referred to as Handelsregister, or HR, and holds information on all the business types in Switzerland, along with their address, shareholders and other information. If an investor needs to know if a brand name is already taken, they should head to the Federal Commercial Registry Office and enquire.

How to subscribe a company to the Trade Register in Switzerland

Formation a company in Switzerland requires a shareholder meeting with a public notary in attendance. Following that meeting, an application is required to be filled in and submitted to the Commercial Register office in the district that the company is located. Other documents besides the application may also be necessary, such as a deed of incorporation, a copy of the articles of association which has been certified and declarations from board members and auditors. Any members which are allowed to act on behalf of the company being registered must all sign an agreement of registration for the company with the Trade Register in Switzerland. Succeeding registration from the Commercial Registry in Switzerland, a notice will be published within the Swiss Offical Gazette of Commerce. Company formation Switzerland should normally be less than two or three weeks.
A company director’s liabilities in Switzerland

How to access the Swiss Trade register?

All documents and information at the Swiss Trade Register are available for public access. Anyone who requests access to copies of a company's registration documents simply needs to pay a fee and personally enquire at the Commercial Registry Office. Information within these documents is routinely updated and published in the Swiss Official Gazette of Commerce, so any information requested is the most up to date.

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