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Company management in Switzerland

After a foreign investor decides to open a Swiss company, he will need expert advice regarding the administration and management of his business. We welcome all clients and offer them personalized and professional consultancy.
Anna Ledenyova
As Switzerland has created such a business focused government framework for itself, the number of businesses being developed there is endlessly growing. It's important to know for investors that company management in Switzerland requires a lot of planning, and tasks like market analysis, administration, taxation analysis and law obedience are required to be fulfilled.

Controlling all aspects of a new business, monitoring its growth, following all laws, finding employees, analysing the market as well as ensuring all tax laws are being followed is an arduous task for just one person. This task is further heightened if the business type is a complex one. This is where we suggest a business developer consults with a business advisor or consultancy team to ensure that the business is expected to operate smoothly.
We have agents who are able to assist you with this and there is also more information on our website on business management and growth information.
On top of all of the required business activities, as well as marketing and production, there are a number of other managerial activities required, such as:


  • Contractural agreements
  • Communications monitoring (emails, phone calls, etc.)
  • Maintaining a registered office space
  • Recruitment

  • Customer invoices
  • Accounts management (receivable, payable, etc.)
  • Transaction and account recording and storage
  • VAT registration
  • Application for tax returns

All Swiss companies are required to feature an executive board. This board is the body who controls the company's rights, responsibilities and obligations to both the government and its customers. The companies board members are responsible for the companies adherence to Swiss operation laws and are the governing corporate body who is solely in control of ensuring the company follows government laws and makes the correct business decisions.

We have more information on our website about Swiss company management or you could speak to one of our consultants regarding the matter. Our consultants are also able to assist with compliance information and market analysis for a prospective company in Switzerland.

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