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Establish a Branch in Switzerland

Establish a branch in Switzerland can be the preferred business form for foreign companies in Switzerland. Find out out more about all possibilities.
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Establish a branch in Switzerland for the foreign company

Swiss regulations offer two simple and efficient means for foreign businesses to present themselves to the Swiss market. The main option is to establish a branch in Switzerland of their company and the other is to establish a subsidiary. Both choices rely on the mother company's decision aboard, and are contingent on a few components, including; liability, taxes and management issues.

Before opening a Swiss company, you should well-versed in all of the requirements required by Swiss regulations.

The branch in Switzerland

If an entrepreneur decides to establish a Swiss business, the option to open a branch relies on the business's autonomy and the business structure the branch needs to fulfil the requirements of the parent company. The more vital part of opening a Swiss brand is determining it's dependence on the foreign mother company, as the mother company is entirely liable for every responsibility of the Swiss branch.
The branch is required to be registered on the Swiss Companies Register and does not have its own distinct legal personality. A branch is not a subsidiary and therefore is not required to hold a minimum share capital. Additionally, the existence of double tax treated to allow for branches in Switzerland to benefit from reduced taxes. Speak to our consultants for more information on establishing a Swiss branch.

Establish a branch in Switzerland

A branch is required to be registered on the Swiss companies register, and the parent company is required to disclose a number of documents prior to the registration of the branch. These documents could include; the parent companies identification information, information on share capital, the number and type of shares, board meeting information such as the minutes during a Swiss branch was decided as well as the parties who are to manage the Swiss branch.

Some documents related to opening a branch need to be translated into French, German and Italian. Our consultants are able to assist with legalising these documents for authorities.

We are also able to assist in opening Swiss bank accounts for branches in Switzerland.

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