Open an Advertising Agency in Switzerland

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The purpose of advertising or marketing agencies in Switzerland, and around the world, are to offer services to businesses and individuals to develop advertising campaigns and other materials to promote products or services offered by those businesses, either in Switzerland or around the world. Depending on the target market, the promotions may be Swiss only or aimed at other nations.

An important point to note in the marketing and advertising fields in Switzerland is the previous success of other agencies. With a number of businesses around the word beginning to outsource their marketing teams to other businesses, Switzerland has become a hot spot for large brands to utilise for their marketing and advertising development.

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Register a Swiss company

Advertising agencies in Switzerland fall into the category of a commercial company, so, therefore, are required to draft up registry documentation and to also follow all regulations set out by the Swiss government when operating in the country. The first thing that needs to be done is to develop a unique business name and to register it.

In order to form a company in Switzerland, investors and business developers must register it on the Swiss Commercial Registry. In Switzerland, all companies which are operating, including marketing and advertising agencies, are formed and legally incorporated with regards to their statutory documents which were supplied to the Commercial Registry. These documents are required to be notarised by a public notary and lodged at the Commercial Registry.

While at the notary, the business founders will have the documents notarised, which include articles of association along with deeds of incorporation, both of which are required to be lodged at the Commercial Registry.

Following all of the above, the registration process is complete and the application for taxation approval must begin. This includes registration for VAT or Value Added Tax, as well as acquiring a tax identification number. It may also be required to register each employee for vacation purposes. For more information on this speak to our consultants, they will provide more specialised and direct information regarding your specific business plans.

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Advertising companies in Switzerland

There are a number of business operations in which a Swiss advertising agency can perform. These can include graphic design, such as advertising graphics for websites, newspaper and television as well as the development of campaigns on social media platforms. These agencies are required to act on behalf of their clients, which means there is a small amount of accountability for the products and services offered and there advertising means.

Specifically, advertising agencies must follow regulations which ensure the suitability of the ads in relation to their target markets. Such as children's advertising.

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