How to Open a Bar in Switzerland

Foreigners who want to open a bar in Switzerland can receive advice on the procedure from our team of company formation consultants.
Anna Ledenyova
Opening a bar in Switzerland will require all business developers, investors or entrepreneurs to follow the Swiss rules and regulations with regards to establishing a company in Switzerland. It is also important to remember that certain types of bars and alcohol resellers will often require a special license and permits to sell alcohol. Bars who choose to play live music will also need to acquire a music license.

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Business registration in Switzerland

Despite the type of business, all companies in Switzerland will have to choose a business framework to follow for their business operations. In Switzerland, most businesses rely on statutory documents, which are represented by Articles of Association as well as memorandums, which all require notarisation by a Swiss public notary, who will also add additional notary fees for this.

Before operation in Switzerland, a company must have its statutory documents registered on the Swiss Commercial Register located in the city in which the business is intending to operate. These documents are able to be lodged via mail and often take around 3 to 7 days to be approved.

On top of statutory documents, there is also a requirement to register for VAT or Value Added Tax. An application and registration for VAT should only occur once the business has been successfully registered on the Commercial Register. Additionally, VAT is regulated and connected with the Swiss Federal Administration Tax. For assistance with all of these registrations, feel free to contact one of our Swiss business consultants.

Alcohol permits in Switzerland

If a business has been set up as a bar, a permit to sell alcohol is required. This permit will be approved or denied by the Swiss Alcohol Board. There is more information on this in the Swiss Law of Alcohol.

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