Open a Hotel in Switzerland

Our team of Swiss company formation representatives can provide assistance to the investors who are interested to open a hotel in Switzerland.
Anna Schmidt
Investors and business developers can expect great returns on investments in the tourism and accommodation industries in Switzerland, as the country lures thousands of local and foreign tourists all across the country. Switzerland is renowned around the world for its picturesque landscapes, skiing and winter sports and the famous Alps.

All business developers who plan to establish a hotel or other forms of accommodation are required to get permits and licenses in regards to different business activities. We have specialists in this field to help with any extra information you may need to develop a company in Switzerland relating to the Swiss tourism, accommodation industry. Additionally, it's important to point out that the incorporation of a Swiss hotel business is the same as other types of businesses.

We are working with starting any companies in Switzerland from an advertising agency till starting publishing companies - call our specialists to get advice.

Business permits in Switzerland

During the formation of a hotel business in Switzerland, investors and entrepreneurs must obtain the required permits and licenses to ensure the activities they undertake are legal and allowed to take place with regards to the local laws and regulations. In the event an entirely new building is required to be built in Switzerland for the hotel to move forward, a construction permit is required.

The following permits are required for the construction of new buildings:

  • Construction permits – which will be issued by the Municipal Building Authority
  • Fire permits – which is obtained from the Fire Department and will be given if the building does not have fire hazards
  • Building inspections by the Municipal Building Authority are also required with regards to scaffolding and excavation
  • Waste management approval – from the Department of Waste and Recycling. In Switzerland, ALL waste must be collected
  • Electrical, water and sewage approvals
  • Sanitary approval
We have assistants available to assist with all Switzerland-based permits and approvals.

Key aspects of the hotel industry in Switzerland

All hotels in Switzerland are rated on a Star system, similar to that in Australia and the United States. One star is awarded to those offering the minimum requirements of a hotel, whereas 5 stars are considered more luxury.

In 2015 there were 92 Swiss hotels rated 5 stars. There were also 903 hotels rated at 3 stars, the most popular option.

We have more information about business and company development on our website, or you could speak with our consultants to find out further detailed information on establishing a hotel, or hotel chain in Switzerland.