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Open a Publishing Company in Switzerland

Our team of company formation representatives can offer more details on how to open a publishing company in Switzerland.
Anna Ledenyova
Investors deciding on setting up a publishing company in Switzerland would be wise to take a look across the nations publishing industry and determine which type of publishing business would be the most successful and offer the greatest returns. Currently, there are a number of different publishing companies in Switzerland which offer services for book, magazine and other categories of publishing. We have consultants available to discuss your most effective options when opening a Swiss publishing company and teams to assist with incorporating the company and registration processes and documentation. Feel free to contact our specialists for more information.

Open a business in Switzerland

When planning to open a business in Switzerland(for example, opening an e-commerce business) there is number of factors to take into account, with the main one being where the business should be located. This is particularly important as depending on the location, there a number of tax savings and benefits. Other important things to decide is the company's size, its initial investment requirements, the business operation and development plans and other legal requirements.

Of all of the above factors, the first detail that should be decided is the type of business form the company will use. From this, there are further requirements placed on the business owners to draft legal forms, such as the articles of association. These are the most important documents and must be drafted and signed with a Swiss public notary present. We have a number of consultants based in Switzerland who is able to assist in the drafting of these documents as well as the registration process.

More Swiss requirements for business developers and entrepreneurs include the need for a Swiss bank account to be opened for the business. Along with this, there are also requirements, depending on the business form, to deposit a minimum share capital amount. The deposit amount requirements depend on a few things, which include the number of shareholders.

Upon successful lodgement of the articles of association to the Swiss Commercial Register, the business will then be recognised as a legal entity in Switzerland. There are also tax requirements depending on the type of business. There will be a requirement for VAT registration and other taxation registrations. Finally, there will be a step that must be taken to register each employee on the social insurance administration.

Publishing industry in Switzerland

In Switzerland, the publishing sector includes a number of smaller entities which can include:

  • books;
  • journals;
  • magazines;
  • e-books.
In Switzerland, there are variances in the salaries of those who are employed in the publishing industry and this mostly rests on the location of their employment. For those who are interested in the publishing industry's employment, in Geneva, the average salary can reach 92,000 CHF but can be far lower in other cities like Basel.

We have more information available for our readers on company formation and developing a Swiss publishing company on our website. If you need further information on this topic, get in touch with our consultants and they can provide more technical information.