Open a Pharmaceutical Company in Switzerland

Open a Pharmaceutical Company in Switzerland
Anna Ledenyova
In order to successfully establish a Swiss-based pharmaceutical company, entrepreneurs, business developers or investors should first research the pharmaceutical industry in the to determine where to open a business, and where it should operate and produce goods.

In Switzerland, the pharmaceutical industry has experienced exceptional and contained growth through many years and spectacularly makes up over 30% of all global exports from Switzerland.

General aspects of a pharmaceutical company in Switzerland

Swiss pharmaceutical companies offer a range of products and services which are able to be sold globally or within Switzerland. Manufacturing of these products does require resources and wealth, along with a labour force. A pharmaceutical business is most competitive when it has the ability to produce a large number of products efficiently.
The ultimate deciding factor of a Swiss pharmaceutical will rest on its scientific power. The seniority and skilfulness of its scientific development team. The workforce is also a major factor as it is required to mass produce products, as well being the company's backbone.

Administrative and legal requirements need to be met to establish this type of business. Our teams are available for consultation to assist with the development of a pharmaceutical business within Switzerland.

Creating a pharmaceutical company in Switzerland

The process to establish a pharmaceutical company is the same as building any other company type. This means foreign investors are required to decide upon which type os Swiss business form is best suited to the new business. Following this, like any other business, it is required to be registered on the Swiss Trade Register and Swiss tax authorities.

A popular business configuration for pharmaceutical businesses is normally a private limited company, although a larger business is more inclined to develop a branch office to compliment it's parent business overseas. The Swiss registration process is simple, transparent and straightforward, which makes it simple to set up a branch or private limited company. Additionally, Switzerland has a very benefice taxation structure.

Requirements for pharmaceutical manufacturers in Switzerland

An important point to note is that investors should make sure that their business plans of distribution and manufacturing are compliment with Swiss licensing requirements as well as the Code of Conduct. In particular, the Pharmaceutical Industry in Switzerland has its own link to the Code of Conduct which highlights ethics and honesty-based requirements. This code is required to be signed to recognise the businesses adherence to it.

Regulations also exist to monitor promotion and information sharing of medical products which are to be used for healthcare.
It is highly recommended that you source the assistance of a consultant before undertaking the development of a Swiss branch or private limited pharmaceutical company. Don't hesitate to contact one of our consultants for any help you may require.

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