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Open a Recruitment Company in Switzerland

 If you are interested in opening a recruitment company in Switzerland this article will give you the basic information about the requirements and applicable laws.
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Working in Switzerland

Recruitment businesses in Switzerland are created to assist people who are planning on working in the country by sifting through a number of job listings and company requirement to find a perfect match for an individual's skills. Employment and placement firms, when operating in Switzerland, must abide by the country's business legislation with regards to employing European or third-state citizens.

Although Swiss law allows for the employment of foreigners in the country, there are different laws for different nationals within the EU and the Economic Free Trade Association, then there are for third-state citizens. Entrepreneurs who plan on developing an employment or recruitment agency in Switzerland can contact our consultants for further information.

Swiss recruitment companies

Operating in the recruitment industry in Switzerland requires special licenses. Recruitment forms outside Switzerland are unable to recruit or list jobs in Switzerland, nor are they allowed to recruit workers from Switzerland and employ them in another country.
All recruitment firms in Switzerland are required to follow provisions set out in the Federal Act from October 6th, 1989, which relates to the Recruiting or Hiring of Services. Unauthorised agencies operating are at risk of fines of 100,000 CHF. To ensure your agency will avoid these fines, contact our consultants for more information, and assistance in creating your Swiss company.

Open a company in Switzerland

All companies within Switzerland are required to be registered on the Swiss Commercial Register. Specifically, companies who operate within the recruitment industry must outline that they are intending to engage in placement operations and the person in charge will be observing;

  • the requirement to hold a resident permit
  • the requirement of holding the correct qualifications to conduct professional placement services
To find more details specifically relating to recruitment companies in Switzerland, feel free to contact us.

Swiss placement firms are required to operate in the interest of the job seeker and are also expected to have suitable office spaces to operate recruitment services effectively. Contact our consultants for more information on the office and firm requirements.

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