Open a SPV Company in Switzerland

Open a SPV Company in Switzerland
Anna Ledenyova
Investors are able to establish a company in Switzerland by registering an SPV, also called a Special Purpose Vehicle. These are typically reserved for securitisation purposes and in Switzerland, this market is growing quite rapidly. Swiss SPVs are also set up for other assets, like loans. We have consultants to assist in the field as it can be complex.

SPVs legislation in Switzerland

The current climate for Swiss SPVs is not specifically regulated nor are there any major legislative protocols in place. Although, there are a few laws in place which investors must follow, such as:

  • Swiss Code of Obligations
  • Capital market regulations
SPVs are regulated and monitored by the following:

On the 1st of January 2016 Swiss business regulators began implementing an entirely new regulation called the Financial Market Infrastructure Act, which was developed and implemented to assist with creating a more streamlined connection with existing similar regulations around the world, specifically the EU. This was to make it easier for businesses in the SPV market who operate across nations. The EU regulations which were streamlined in the FMI Act were Directive 2014/65/EU and the Directive 2003/71/EC.

Legal forms of a Swiss SPV

There are a number of business types for Swiss businesses and we have business consultants who will be able to assist investors with choosing one of these business types for their businesses. In the event an investor decides to establish an SPV, the following business types are available:

  • Joint stock corporation
  • Limited liability company

Taxation applicable to Swiss SPVs

Receivables which are transferred via an SVP are not required nor liable for paying transfer taxes. In short, transfers aren't charged a VAT or Value Added Tax fee. Though, excluding VAT, there is a 35% interest payment tax applied on top of payments executed by an SPV.
It is also important to know that a Swiss SPV is charged a capital gains tax. Though, in some circumstances, authorities may subtract expenses of a special purpose company.

If you are interested in SVPs, you should contact one of our business consultants for more information specifically regarding SVPs and their benefits to investors, as well as their legal requirements.

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