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Open a Travel Agency in Switzerland

Open a Travel Agency in Switzerland
Anna Ledenyova

The beauty of Switzerland

One of Switzerland's most standout features is its unlimited natural beauty and stunning tourist destinations. Many investors who decide to establish a travel agency in Switzerland are often reliant on the nations amazing scenery and modern cities to bring clients a once in a lifetime experience.

To set up a business in Switzerland, foreign investors must supply all the necessary documents required to incorporate the business, as well as acquiring a residence permit to reside in Switzerland. Our business registration consultants are able to assist you in seamlessly opening a travel agency in Switzerland.

The tourism industry in Switzerland

Switzerland's tourism industry is well-developed and provides the nation with a stable and essential amount of revenue each year. The Swiss nation has advantages over many other countries in the area, as it is centrally located in Europe, as well as harbours some of the worlds most famous mountain ranges. Switzerland is also home to a unique culture and distinct city living, another reason travellers choose to visit Switzerland.
As Switzerland is perceived as a rather wealthy country, some travellers may fear the destination is more expensive to visit than other Euro nations, however, this cannot be further from the truth. Switzerland offers an amazing experience no matter the client or travellers income, it's a great holiday nation for average and wealthy visitors alike.

With Switzerland's travel offering being so diverse, many agencies offer specialised holiday packages, such as health and wellness tourism. Travel agencies in Switzerland have countless opportunities when offering holidays to clients as Switzerland is such an exotic and attractive travel destination.

Invest in Swiss tourism

Switzerland holds a number of ties to countries in the European Union, but it is not a member of the EU itself. Foreign investors and entrepreneurs who wish to invest in Switzerland must follow Swiss business regulations, one of which requires a resident permit before investments can be made. We have lawyers in Switzerland who are able to assist with the details of investing in the country.

A number of different company types can be incorporated in Switzerland, although there is the option for investors to become a sole trader if they wish to conduct business on their own and to provide tourism services.

If you are interested in investing in Swiss travel and tourism, don't hesitate to contact our consultants based in Switzerland.

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