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New company vs shelf company in Switzerland

New company vs shelf company in Switzerland
Anna Ledenyova
Switzerland's economy and business regulations are some of the most stable in the world. Switzerland has also been nominated numerous times as the worlds most wealthy nation, and from looking at the country's business-focused system, it's not hard to see why foreign investors flock to open businesses in Switzerland.

Investors and business owners who have decided to invest in Switzerland must decide which Swiss company the is best for them to open; a new company, a shelf company, a Swiss subsidiary or a branch.

Open a new company in Switzerland

Switzerland operates as a gateway to a number of international markets, and those who decide to establish a business in the country have access to a number of opportunities as well as global recognition. There are five main business options the Swiss government allows for, they are listed below.
Limited liability companies. These are the most popular types of business in Switzerland. They require a minimum share capital of 20,000 CHF. Most large firms and business which opened in Switzerland utilise the limited liability company.

In Switzerland, General and Limited Partnerships are developed when two persons create a business together or enter a partnership. Each person has different liability for this business type.

Sole proprietorships are created when an individual investor, entrepreneur or businessman/woman opens a business in Switzerland, without another party.

Irrespective of the business type a business owner has chosen, the owner-operator of the business is the one in control of the company's incorporation. If you require assistance or extra information on business development or incorporation, speak with one of our consultants and they can go through legalities and regulatory requirements with you.

Buy a shelf company in Switzerland

A Swiss shelf company has major advantages over other business types, the main one being that it takes only a very short time to begin operations. A shelf company is a company that has already been developed, incorporated and is simply waiting to begin operation.

Shelf companies in Switzerland have already completed all the required documentation and approval and are also already registered to the Swiss Commercial Register. To purchase a Swiss shelf company, a prospective buyer is required to transfer shares, as well as make other required payments to fulfil the contractual agreements regarding the minimum number of shares.

Speak with our business incorporation consultants for more information on shelf companies and how to determine if a shelf company is the best option for you. We also offer services to assist in opening a Swiss bank account – one of the requires for owning a Swiss company.

If you require any other information about Swiss businesses, please contact us.

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