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What is GmbH in Switzerland?

Also called a limited liability company, a GmbH in Switzerland or GesellschaftmitbeschränkterHaftung is a type of business which is not as popular as a Joint Stock Company in Switzerland but features a simpler fulfilment process.

What is the minimum share capital for a Swiss GmbH?

Establishing a limited liability company in Switzerland, or GmbH requires a minimum share capital of 20,000 CHF. This capital is then divided into quotas, with each quota having a nominal value which cannot be lower than 100 CHF.

How many shareholders are necessary for a GmbH in Switzerland?

Upon establishing a GmbH in Switzerland, at least two shareholders are required to determine the establishment process. Founders are required to register in the Registry of Commerce. A shareholders' liability is limited by their shares in the Swiss GmbH.

What is the management structure of a GmbH in Switzerland?

The Swiss GmbH's management structure requirements are fairly simple and do not involve a complex and costly process, or a board of directors. There is one main decision maker required, they are the managing director and have full responsibility for the business. That said, it is a requirement for a limited liability company in Switzerland to have at least one managing director. It also suggested that the GmbH's managing director have a Swiss citizenship. Company secretaries are optional.

How can a Swiss GmbH be verified?

Auditing a GmbH or limited liability company in Switzerland is straightforward and simple. A business's financial statements and documents are not required to be registered with the Registry Office, but are required to be safely stored in the event they are requested by shareholders or tax authorities.

Are there other requirements for a GmbH in Switzerland?

The process of naming a company in Switzerland is uncomplicated. A name can be developed using any language that follows the Latin alphabet and may need to be translated into Swiss for registration. Bad and forbidden words are not to be used to name a company.

To open a Swiss company it is highly recommended you sought a specialist consultant to ensure establishment is smooth. Our business formation consultants based in Switzerland are available to assist in the development of Swiss limited liability companies and are also able to assist in establishing limited liability companies in other nations through our partners in Hungary or Bulgaria.

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