Set up a Real Estate Agency in Switzerland

Our team of Swiss company formation representatives can offer assistance for the incorporation of a real estate agency in Switzerland.
Anna Ledenyova
Switzerland is proudly one of the worlds most advanced and stable countries and it follows similar laws and regulations as the European Union, although it is not a member. The Swiss government allows investors, business developers and entrepreneurs to establish businesses of almost any kind in Switzerland and allows them to operate and benefit from Switzerland's low tax rates and business-friendly government structures.

Investors who wish to set up a real estate agency in Switzerland in order to be part of the stable and growing Swiss real estate market, are able to do so provided they follow the regulations and corporate laws set by the commercial legislation. Our consultants are able to assist with specific regulations and rules for developing a real-estate agency in Switzerland.

Register a real estate company in Switzerland

When establishing a business in Switzerland which is intended to operate in the Swiss real estate market, it is required to follow establishment or incorporation rules. This requires the investors or founders to determine which business type their new company will follow, which is normally a Swiss limited liability company, or GmbH. This business formation type will be solidified once it is drafted into the company's statutory documents. These documents depend on the business form, but in the case of a GmbH, they are the memorandum and the articles of association, and both must be drafted and notarised with a Swiss public notary present.

On top of business formations, documents and lodgement for registration, an investor is also required to contact a Swiss bank and open an account for the company and also deposit the required capital amount in order for business operations to begin as well as registration.

To begin incorporation and registration of a Swiss real estate agency, it is required to be formally registered at the Swiss Commercial Registry. This will require documentation to be lodged as well as other information. Following this registration lodgement, taxation and VAT registration is required. Our consultants are available to assist with this process and to determine which documents are needed and when.

Real estate legislation in Switzerland

One feature to note about the Swiss real estate market is it's relentless stability, even during national or international financial crises. This can be accredited to immense regulation and stability control by the Swiss government and all of the required permits and business structures.

Purchasing a property inside Switzerland will require a real estate agent's assistance and it is also good to know that this purchase can continue if the owner holds a Swiss residence permit. Additionally, property acquisition in Switzerland is not governed or blocked by any types of proprietary laws.

Investors and business developers are invited to contact our consultancy teams and agents for further information and assistance in opening a Swiss real estate agency. We are able to assist with required documentation, company registration and more.

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