Start an Auto Parts Business in Switzerland

Our team of company formation agents can offer assistance for starting an auto parts business in Switzerland.
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Company Formation Switzerland

The automotive industry is over 100 years old and is so large that there are countless smaller businesses operating in a number of industry sub-sectors which rely on the car industry's stability. One of these businesses sectors is the auto parts or repairs part industry. In Switzerland, the auto parts industry's stability and profitability will depend on the location in Switzerland that the initial business is established and operated in.

All investors who are planning to open businesses in this field should first look into business locations, vehicle part suppliers and which vehicles are more popular than other with the Swiss population.

You can speak with our consultants to find out more information regarding business decisions to make and which locations are best for this type of business.

Opening a Swiss company

Opening a company in Switzerland can take at least 7 days and also requires the correct submission of all the required documents and legal papers. The first step to registering a Swiss company is to determine which business form is the best fit for the company, which is also called determine the legal entity.

There are a few entities to choose from, though for an auto parts store the most appropriate business type would be the Swiss limited liability company. This incorporated company type is one of the most popular in Switzerland and offers a number of business perks, but also has some specific conditions for its shareholders.

As the new company is planning on undertaking commercial operations and activities, it will also need to be registered as a business which does these activities. The steps to do this include drafting statuary documents and notarising them with a public notary present. All businesses in Switzerland who operate commercially are also required to acquire approval and authorisation from the one or more of following departments and state agencies; the Commercial Register, the Federal Tax Administration or the Cantonal Social Security Office

Companies specifically operating in the auto parts business will also need to obtain a permit to ensure that safety producers are being correctly followed and that quality standards are being met by the company.

Auto parts businesses in Switzerland

Following registration of an auto parts business in Switzerland there are a number of operations which can continue or begin, some of these include activities like:

  • national distribution of auto parts;
  • international distribution;
  • packaging solutions for the automotive industry;
  • maintenance of auto parts;
  • repair of auto parts.
We have more information on these topics on our website. Our agents are also able to help you with other questions you may have as well as assess locations which are the best for auto part stores along with taxation and incorporation requirements.