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Virtual Office in Switzerland

Virtual Office in Switzerland
Anna Ledenyova

What is a virtual office in Switzerland?

A Virtual Office in Switzerland offers a method for business owners and entrepreneurs to operate their business professionally, but without needing to purchase and set up an office space. Virtual Office's in Switzerland give a business the ability to bypass lease expenses and also removes the need for all other costs associated with an office, such as employment expenses, tax, utilities and more.

Why choose us?

A virtual office in major Swiss cities, like Zurich, will offer benefits to business such as the perks of a high-profile office, without the high costs. We offer business establishment services and virtual office solutions and therefore have the ability to adapt and find the most suitable virtual Swiss office for every one of our clients.

Our virtual office bundles include:

  1. An exclusive Zurich business address, or an address from other major Swiss cities.
  2. A registered office, which covers necessities when establishing a Swiss business.
  3. Collection and forwarding of mail to our clients, depending on where it is required to be sent.
  4. The use of our local Fax number, from which we will forward information directly to a given address or number.
  5. Access to a Swiss telephone number.
  6. A voice mailbox for voice messages, which will be transferred to our clients
Other services include:

  • A private fax service with a unique fax number
  • Untraceable call redirection from a Swiss number
  • Bank statement collection
  • Utilisation of our meeting room

Who is a virtual office for?

Investors are primary users of virtual offices as they benefit heavily from the above list. Although, there are major benefits for a number of businesses which should not be disregarded. These businesses could be:

  • Swiss companies established by overseas investors
  • Swiss businesses which are already registered, but need a base in another city
  • A foreign company which requires a maintained communication channel with their business partners and customer in Switzerland or Europe.
For more information on Swiss Virtual Offices, feel free to contact one of our expert consultants who will be able to give you as much information you require to set up a virtual office, or develop a business in Switzerland.

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