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Open a Crowdfunding Company in Switzerland

open a crowdfunding company in Switzerland

One of the most popular and effective ways to raise capital funding for investors is crowdfunding. In Switzerland, investors are able to open crowdfunding companies to enable the public as well as other business to invest capital in startups and other businesses. A crowdfunding business works by collecting a number of smaller funds and merges them into one large fund […]

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Open a Catering Business in Switzerland

Open a catering business in Switzerland

Switzerland’s carting industry is a large part of the country’s economy and is a stable and important industry to tax revenue for Switzerland. A key piece of information for investors to know is that in 2015 alone, over 28 billion CHF in taxable income was generated in the Swiss catering industry. There are countless different businesses and business types which […]

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Opening a Swiss Corporation (Aktiengesellschaft)

opening a Swiss corporation

In Swiss law, businesses are regulated by laws in the Civil Code, or Code of Obligations, which are registered to the Commercial Register located in the canton where the business is located. As Switzerland has a business focused government and financial system, foreign investors and business owners are likely to register stock corporations in Switzerland, also called Aktiengesellschaft or Societe […]

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Swiss Directors

Swiss directors

The duties and responsibilities of Swiss directors Swiss companies are managed similarly to most other businesses around the world, by the Board of Directors. In Switzerland though, businesses have Swiss directors who are required to have a duty of care and loyalty to the company they work for. They are also required to treat all shareholders equally. The Board of […]

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Company Secretary in Switzerland

company secretary in Switzerland

The attributions of a company secretary in Switzerland In Switzerland, a company secretary’s role is paramount to the function of a business. The company secretary is selected by the businesses board of directors but isn’t required to be a board member. Swiss company secretary roles include: Certifying board meetings by signing the minutes Preparing and being present during meetings Approving […]

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Start a Retail Business in Switzerland

Start a retail business in Switzerland

In Switzerland, the retail industry is one of the largest and spreads across countless different business activities which involves a number of customer groups. As the world makes the shift to online shopping, this has opened a new retail opportunity for business, with a number of businesses being online-only. These online stores are also regulated so they remain trustworthy and […]

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Switzerland’s Rating for Investments

Switzerland's Rating for Investments

The first step any investor should undertake, no matter where they are investing, is taking a look at a country’s credit rating. A number of businesses around the world do annually and bi-annually credit checks for a number of countries and these checks normally give information on how well a nation can repay their debts. In Switzerland, there are a […]

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Company Formation Switzerland

Swiss company registration

What does it mean to register a company in Switzerland? If an investor decides to establish a Swiss limited liability company or a stock corporation, they must consider a few things. Firstly, a unique business name is essential, and a bank account must also be opened for future transactions and with the minimum capital required. The business must also present […]

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Start an Auto Parts Business in Switzerland

Start an auto parts business in Switzerland

The automotive industry is over 100 years old and is so large that there are countless smaller businesses operating in a number of industry sub-sectors which rely on the car industry’s stability. One of these businesses sectors is the auto parts or repairs part industry. In Switzerland, the auto parts industry’s stability and profitability will depend on the location in […]

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Start a Cryptocurrency Company in Switzerland

Start a cryptocurrency company in Switzerland

A cryptocurrency is a currency which is entirely digital and can be only used within a digital space. The type of currency is also normally very stable, safe and secure as it is built upon deep encryption methods and is almost entirely impossible to counterfeit. Cryptocurrencies are only able to work when a receiver has the ability to decrypt the […]

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