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Invest in Switzerland | Forming a Swiss Company

Invest in Switzerland

As one of the world’s most stable economies and boosting some of the best business-focused government legislation, it’s no surprise that businesses choose to invest in Switzerland and that entrepreneurs focus on forming a Swiss company. Its not uncommon for foreign companies to even headquarter their operations in Switzerland, even if they operate primarily internationally, the Swiss business climate is […]

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Investing in Switzerland

Investing in Switzerland

There is a myriad of reasons as to why you should choose to launch a company in Switzerland. The country’s business-friendly legal structure and low taxation make it a prime nation for investing and Switzerland’s location in central Europe also make it a safer option than many other countries. So, if you’re looking to begin investing in Switzerland, we’ve listed […]

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Start a Taxi Company in Switzerland

Start a taxi company in Switzerland

A hotspot for tourism makes Switzerland’s demand for taxi services a foothold for a sustainable taxi business. For this type of business, there are a few requirements, not only for the business founders but each individual employee as well. These requirements include drivers to obtain drivers licenses along with vehicle licenses and approvals to ensure they are road worthy. Each […]

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Swiss Shareholders

shareholders in Switzerland

Company shareholders in Switzerland Shareholders in Switzerland have a reasonable amount of control within the company they have invested in, but each investment may also feature a number of liabilities or responsibilities. As a limited liability company is one of the more popular business types in Switzerland, it is important to know that it also has a minimum required number […]

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Set up a Real Estate Agency in Switzerland

Set up a real estate agency in Switzerland

Switzerland is proudly one of the worlds most advanced and stable countries and it follows similar laws and regulations as the European Union, although it is not a member. The Swiss government allows investors, business developers and entrepreneurs to establish businesses of almost any kind in Switzerland and allows them to operate and benefit from Switzerland’s low tax rates and […]

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Most Attractive Investment Industries in Switzerland

most attractive investment industries in Switzerland

A simple way to describe Switzerland’s economy is; relentlessly stable and an express economic developer. Switzerland’s endless focus on developing a nation filled with the highest quality services and one of the greatest business legislation and regulations in the world has meant that it is undoubtedly internationally recognised as a haven for business developers to set up shop. One of […]

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Set Up a Print Shop in Switzerland

Set up a print shop in Switzerland

Opening a print shop in Switzerland, much like any other business, there are a few business incorporation procedures which are to be followed. These steps are required for almost any business which is planning to undertake commercial activities. There are a number of printing fairs which frequently happen in Switzerland and this allows for companies with strong business plans to […]

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Set up a Fintech Company in Switzerland

set up a fintech company in Switzerland

A FinTech can be described as a business that develops various technology products and services in order to assist with operations for companies in the finance field. There a few things to note for potential investors in the fintech industry in Switzerland, the first being that Switzerland is one of the world leaders in the fintech industry according to the […]

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