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ICOs In Switzerland: A New Global Leader

ICO in Switzerland

If you’re an investor or business developer looking into capitalising on the cryptocurrency and blockchain boom, then an ICO in Switzerland should be one of the first things listed in your business plan. The Swiss nation is well on the way to becoming the global leader in ICOs or Initial Coin Offerings, and the business-friendly nature of Switzerland means taxes […]

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Want to do an ICO in Zug?

ICO in Zug

As soon as the big cryptocurrencies, like Ethereum, settled on an ICO in Zug, the canton has been one of the most popular locales for blockchain-based virtual currencies in the world. An ICO in Zug has been so favourable, and such a good idea for cryptocurrency investors that the canton has literally taken on the nickname, ‘the crypto-valley.’ In this […]

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Switzerland to remain the global offshore asset leader

Switzerland offshore

In today’s business world, there are major uncertainty issues and corporate volatility risks in almost every country in the world. Nations which were favoured for offshore banking and business operations are closing up shop, country’s that were business tax havens are being turned on and cities home to 0% corporate taxes are drying up. One star is shining through though, […]

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Opening a Consulting Business in Switzerland

opening a consulting business in Switzerland

The consulting business in Switzerland Consulting businesses can be aimed at a few different corporate areas in Switzerland. A consultancy business must provide services from professionals to other businesses in a way that is competitive and follows current market pricing trends. A consulting business is normally opened by a professional who already has experience within one or more fields, such […]

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Company establishment in Zurich

Open GMBH in Zurich

In Zurich, the most popular business types that are established are the AG and GmbH. The GmbH The limited liability company, also called GmbH (Gesellschaft mit beschränkter Haftung) has a requirement of 20,000 CHF in charge capital before establishment, which is due at registration. To set up this business type, at least one party must be present and that party […]

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Company establishment in Zug Canton

Open company in Zug canton

Canton Zug is among the most popular locations for investors as it features the lowest taxes in all of Switzerland. As an example, the 2011 tax rates were: 8.5% on wealth and income, 35% on withholding tax (and even lower if the country connected is a partner of the Double Taxation Agreement) and finally a VAT tax rate of just […]

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Set up a liaison office in Switzerland

liaison office in Switzerland

A Switzerland liaison office does not feature a legal personality, therefore, it is not withdrawn from its parent company’s heritage. It will also not feature a trade name or it’s own property. This means in the event the liaison office experiences financial issues, the parent company is liable for the office’s debt. The process of setting up a liaison office […]

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The share capital in Switzerland

share capital in Switzerland

A public limited company (AG) or Aktiengesellschaft, and limited liability companies (GmbH) are the more popular options for business owners and entrepreneurs to establish a business in Switzerland. Both of these options are subject to minimum share capital deposits to begin operating and registration and also feature different advantages and benefits. Establishing a company in Switzerland requires a minimum capital […]

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Drafting and Vetting Documents in Switzerland

drafting and vetting documents in Switzerland

Company documents in Switzerland In order for a company to be successfully incorporated in Switzerland, there is a drafting and vetting process which is required, to ensure documents and business information is prepared. An example of documents which are required to ensure successful incorporation in Switzerland includes the Articles of Association. You can speak to our consultants about the most […]

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Changing Your Business Structure in Switzerland

Changing your business structure in Switzerland

Entrepreneurs and investors who own or manage companies in Switzerland are able to restructure the legal framework of the business if there are circumstances requiring it to be changed. As it is not a common practice, most businesses legal frameworks remain unchanged since establishment. Situations, when it is advocated to change the business framework or structure, is when the company […]

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