Open an Insurance Company in Switzerland

Open an Insurance Company in Switzerland
Anna Ledenyova
Switzerland's growing insurance market creates a great investment and business opportunity for those who are planning to undertake the development or incorporation of a Swiss insurance company. In Switzerland, insurance companies are closely regulated and monitored by a few rules and guides which are set in place by the Swiss government to ensure that the business meets requirements and is trustworthy and maintains stability.

We have consultants to offer any assistance to those who are planning on setting up a Swiss insurance company. Our assistance extends from registration all the way through to management and administration processes.

Registration of a Swiss insurance company

Switzerland features a number of bureaucratic steps which insurance businesses must adhere to when operating in Switzerland. These steps are similar to other European Union nations but have a few minor differences.
Once investors have decided on a business name and the type of business form they are going to utilise, they are required to open a Swiss bank account and deposit the minimum share capital amount, which is respective of the business type they have chosen.

It is important to note that shareholders will need to deposit the funds into an escrow account at a Swiss bank, which is regulated by the Swiss Federal Law on Banks and Savings Banks.

Company statutory documents will be notarised by a public notary and following this, will be lodged at the Swiss Commercial Registry. After this, the business is required to register and lodge documents with tax authorities, like the Swiss Federal Tax Administration as well as the Social Insurance System. We have consultants who are able to help you with all of this.

Insurance legislation in Switzerland

All Swiss insurance companies are closely monitored by the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority. This is because Switzerland's priority is to ensure its legislation regarding insurance is followed correctly as the insurance sector is a popular investment choice and provides Switzerland with a large number of new foreign investment firms and business developers.

Switzerland is home to one of the worlds leading insurance industries and this rests on correct regulation and monitoring of services within the sector.

The main Swiss regulators of the insurance industry are the enforcers of the Federal Insurance Supervision Act and the Federal Ordinance on the Supervision of Private Insurance Companies.

You can find more information on Swiss insurance companies and how to develop a Swiss company on our website or by contacting our consultant teams.

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