Open an e-Commerce Company in Switzerland

 Our team of Swiss company formation representatives can offer assistance for the incorporation of an e-commerce company in Switzerland.
Anna Schmidt
The Swiss business sector is one of the most profitable and stable in the world and offers a number of great investment opportunities for both local and foreign investors. It is recommended that investors who are planning on setting up a business in Switzerland that they first look into e-commerce options as it provides access to a substantial consumer market and offers high ROI (Return on Investment) opportunities.

Despite the fact Switzerland is not part of the EU, it features similar business structures, regulations and business requirements. This extends to agreements the country has signed with other EU countries and offers businesses extended savings and benefits in the form of tax exemptions and other deductions.

We have consultants available to discuss your options when developing an e-commerce business in Switzerland.

Register a Swiss e-commerce company

A point to note when developing an e-commerce business in Switzerland is that there are a number of requirements for incorporation, tax and registration. The main reason for this is that although operations from a customer standpoint happen online, it is still treated almost identically as a normal Swiss company. The only major difference between the Swiss registry and regulation of businesses is that an e-commerce business operates digitally.

There are other requirements also, which require a business owner or prospective owner to hold a Swiss residence permit. This requirement is further intensified if the company's registered name is the business owners name.

All Swiss companies are required to be one of the Swiss approved business forms, which can come in the following in Switzerland:

  • public limited company;
  • limited liability company.
In Switzerland, the business's prospective owner isn't presented with biases or limitations depending on race, especially when establishing the business. Aside from this, there are some minor nationality requirements, which require at least one Swiss resident on the board of directors or management board. We have consultants who are able to elaborate and assist with this process.

Register a website in Switzerland

In order to set up an e-commerce business, the investor must open a website. Today, there are many platforms which provide reliable website structures that are needed for online businesses set up as e-shops.

One of the first steps in opening an e-commerce business in Switzerland is the purchase of a domain and building a website. There is a myriad of companies which provide these services and are able to be utilised by outsourcing. A simple online search can find website builders within Switzerland or around the world. There should also be an online shop included on the website to further streamline the e-commerce businesses operation and improve profitability.

In 1987 Switzerland introduced a national domain in which ".ch" is to be used. Though this isn't a requirement, it is highly recommended to be used as it will assist with the perceived location of the business and it's trustworthiness.

We have more information available on all of the above on our website and you can also contact our consultants for more information regarding an e-commerce business in Switzerland.

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