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Swiss shelf companies

Swiss shelf companies
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Swiss Shelf companies

Swiss shelf companies is a type of legal body or entity available for private purchase. The entity in question may have been developed or incorporated for the sole purpose of being sold off or may have been utilised for other commercial activities prior to being sold. The term "shelf company" is a result of the business or entity being inactive and ready to be purchased. You can find more information about purchasing Swiss shelf companies by consulting one of our experts.

Swiss shelf companies — advantages

Swiss Shelf companies is able to be sold to other businesses, within Switzerland, as an investment or to an entrepreneur who wishes to develop the company further. Investors should know that there are major advantages to buying a Swiss shelf company, with the main advantage being that it will be much quicker to have the company up and running as the time that has been taken for incorporation procedures has already been completed.
A lot of investors want to have their new Swiss businesses operational as fast as possible, but without avoiding legalities and the required Swiss business procedures and paperwork for the formation of a company in Switzerland.

When purchasing a Swiss shelf companies, investors and entrepreneurs must sign a sale/purchase contract agreement which registers the new business owner's shares and ownership of the company. All business changes will be stated in the contract. Our consultants can offer legal advice and assistance during the purchase of your company in Switzerland.

Why purchase a shelf company in Switzerland?

Anyone who wishes to purchase a Swiss shelf company will gain the benefits below:

  • The transaction and name change can be completed in 1 – 2 days
  • As the company is already registered, it ensures longevity and stability as well as offers a better opportunity for investors and clients
  • Investors will have the power to entirely change business operations and trading names to better suit their business plans
There are a number of Swiss shelf company types, all of which have slightly different characteristics, and can be purchased in Switzerland, though it is recommended that investors understand that most Swiss shelf companies for sale will be limited liability companies, which are one of the more popular business entities in Switzerland.

It is vital for a prospective buyer to do their research and determine that the shelf company they wish to purchase is being sold in good faith, and does not come with hidden liabilities. We recommend performing a company due diligence course of action.

During the purchase and change of ownership and transfer of shares, the buyer is required to provide amended statutory documents for the legal entity.

A number of details and operations can be changed once a business is purchased, these can include; its name, address, general board and business objectives. All of these changes must be recorded and registered with the Commercial Register of Switzerland.

For assistance with Swiss shelf companies please speak with our Switzerland based consultants.

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