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Drafting and Vetting Documents in Switzerland

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drafting and vetting documents in SwitzerlandCompany documents in Switzerland

In order for a company to be successfully incorporated in Switzerland, there is a drafting and vetting process which is required, to ensure documents and business information is prepared.

An example of documents which are required to ensure successful incorporation in Switzerland includes the Articles of Association. You can speak to our consultants about the most vital and important documentation which is required to be drafted to finalise incorporation, as well as other business partner and employee agreements.

Each document which promotes or advertises a relationship between two entities, individuals or parties are required to be written in a way that ensures those mentioned know they are entering an agreement.

We have registration assistants and consultants in Switzerland which are able to offer all-round assistance for document development and the assessment of pre-existing documents.

Legal assistance for preparing documentation in Switzerland

All fields of operation are able to be assisted by our consultants. The areas we are able to assist in, include:

  • Employer and employee agreements
  • Commercial contracts and other commercial operations
  • Corporate agreements, shareholder agreements as well as director service agreements

Documentation and legal contacts are also able to feature clauses that ensure confidentiality. There are documents required of Swiss companies which could contain sensitive data as well as patents, product concepts and other inventions. These documents can feature non-disclosure agreements and can require all parties who have access to this information to sign NDAs.

We are also able to assist in the sale and purchase agreements and undertake due diligence procedures when real estate is concerned, or there is a company merger or purchase of a new commercial property.

Signing agreements in Switzerland

It is recommended that before singing or agreement to corporate documents, that you source the help of an expert to ensure the contents of the agreement is able to be validated. You should also ensure you understand the contents of the agreement, to make sure you do not enter into a dishonest agreement. This is exaggerated when multi-lingual agreements are concerned.

Our team is able to assist in the creation, validation and consulting in relation to legal documents and corporate agreements as well as determining their enforceability.

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