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Open a Company in Zug Crypto Valley

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open a company in Zug Crypto ValleyOne of the worlds top cities to invest in the cryptocurrency boom is Switzerland’s Zug. With its attractive and business-friendly taxation system and simplicity for business development makes Zug a perfect location to develop a cryptocurrency. There are currently a number of cryptocurrency business operating in Zug, which proves it is a tried and tested location for this type of business. We have a number of consultants available to discuss establishing a cryptocurrency in Switzerland and invite you to contact them.

Why choose Zug?

Just like the rest of Switzerland, Zug has created an attractive and stable financial sector featuring a business focused taxation system and simple laws and regulations for business development. This is one of the main reasons so many investors and business developers have chosen Zug to establish their businesses.

Establishing a business in Switzerland requires a few steps to be successfully followed, and rules and regulations to be adhered to. In particular, for cryptocurrencies, there are specific regulations regarding digital currents and anti-money laundering laws.

A major perk of choosing to develop a cryptocurrency in Zug is the existence of the Crypto Valley Association. This union is an independent body that is a benefactor of government assistance and is designed to help the advancement of cryptocurrency development and fintech companies.

Major assistance to start-ups and investors is offered by the Crypto Valley Association. The association itself is also finically backed by the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA), making it a stable and trustworthy body. Our consultants are available to assist you in funding your options when developing a cryptocurrency in Zug.

Taxation in Zug

A corporate tax of just 14.6% means that Zug features to lowest corporate tax in all of Switzerland. This presents a great opportunity for prospective business owners in the area, not only for cryptocurrency development in Switzerland but all other business types who would like to benefit from an extremely low corporate tax rate.

Investors and business developers are highly recommended to speak with our agents to find their most seamless options to develop a cryptocurrency in Switzerland, or in Zug.

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