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Swiss Company Types

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Company Types SwitzerlandBusinesses in Switzerland

Stable regulation means Switzerland is one of the best nations for foreign investors. The types of businesses the Swiss government allows to be formed within Switzerland are both large, medium and small businesses.

One of the most paramount decisions investors must make is, which company type to choose. Opening a company in Switzerland can be made far simpler with an expert team of business consultants who will give you all of the information you need to develop and establish a profitable investment business. The types of businesses that Switzerland allows to be developed within its borders are similar to those in Hong Kong. For business establishment services in Norway, Hong Kong, Thailand or Cuba you can utilise the services of our partners. Those who need legal consultants in Denmark can contact our Danish lawyers.

Types of companies in Switzerland

Switzerland allows for the establishment of a number of business forms, with the most common being limited liability companies and the corporation. Other popular business forms are those which allow for companies to open a Swiss office and expand into the Swiss market or investors who wish to establish their own businesses.

A Limited Liability Company in Switzerland, also know as GmbH or S.A.R.L, is a company formed by investors who establish small or medium-sized companies that cannot be listed on the Swiss stock exchange. These types of companies are required to have shareholders which are listed in the company’s documents and are disclosed on the Commercial Register. To form an S.A.R.L a minimum share capital of 20,000 CHF is required.

The Corporation (AG or SA) is a business type that suits the needs of all businesses and as it has simple requirements for transferring shares, it is a widely utilised business form. Unlike S.A.R.L, shareholders may remain anonymous and shareholders also have limited liability. The Corporation requires a larger share capital the limited liability companies, with a minimum of 100,000 CHF required, and 20% paid at the time of incorporation.

A Partnership in Switzerland can either be simple, general or limited. A general partnership is normally used by small businesses or family businesses who undertake commercial activities. Limited Partnerships are similar to general ones, although, the activities the business undertakes does not strictly need to be commercial.

Branches in Switzerland are an option for foreign companies who wish to expand into the Swiss market. An individual who wants to open and run their own business can do so with a sole proprietorship.

Our business registration consultants in Switzerland are available to give you more information about each business types requirements.

Invest in Switzerland

Switzerland’s geographical location, highly-developed infrastructure and effective financial regulation give the country numerous advantages for developing a business. Companies enter almost any business field and as the Swiss living standard is so high, many investors make the choice to live in the country.

To find out more about Swiss business opportunities, feel free to contact our business consultants in Switzerland.

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